Yerevan places to visit. How to Travel by Overnight Sleeper Train from Tbilisi to Yerevan (or Vice Versa).

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Yerevan places to visit

Katoghike Tsiranavor Church of Avan , 6th century Following the partition of Armenia by the Byzantine and Sasanian empires in and in , Erebuni and the entire territory of Eastern Armenia came under the rule of Sasanian Persia. Due to the diminished role of Erebuni, as well as the absence of proper historical data, much of the city's history under the Sasanian rule is unknown. The Katoghike Tsiranavor Church in Avan , built between and during Sasanian rule and partly damaged during the earthquake , is the oldest surviving church within modern Yerevan city limits. The province of Persian Armenia also known as Persarmenia lasted until , when the province was dissolved with the Muslim conquest of Persia. Arab Islamic invasion[ edit ] See also: The city became part of the Emirate of Armenia under the Umayyad Caliphate. The city of Dvin was the centre of the newly created emirate. Starting from this period, as a result of the developing trade activities with the Arabs, the Armenian territories had gained strategic importance as a crossroads for the Arab caravan routes passing between Europe and India through the Arab-controlled Ararat plain of Armenia. Most probably, "Erebuni" has become known as "Yerevan" since at least the 7th century AD. Ashot was later crowned King of Armenia through the consent of Caliph al-Mu'tamid in During the rule of the Bagratuni dynasty of Armenia between and , Yerevan was relatively a secure part of the Kingdom before falling to the Byzantines. However, Yerevan did not have any strategic role during the reign of the Bagratids, who developed many other cities of Ayrarat , such as Shirakavan , Dvin , and Ani. Seljuk period, Zakarid Armenia and Mongol rule[ edit ] See also: Zakarid Armenia and Mongol Armenia The remains of Surp Hovhannes Chapel, dating back to the 12—13th centuries After a brief Byzantine rule over Armenia between and , the invading Seljuks -led by Tughril and later by his successor Alp Arslan - ruled over the entire region, including Yerevan. However, with the establishment of the Zakarid Principality of Armenia in under the Georgian protectorate, the Armenian territories of Yerevan and Lori had significantly grown. After the Mongols captured Ani in , Armenia turned into a Mongol protectorate as part of the Ilkhanate , and the Zakarids became vassals to the Mongols. After the fall of the Ilkhanate in the midth century, the Zakarid princes ruled over Lori, Shirak and Ararat plain until when they fell to the invading Turkic tribes. In , Timur invaded Armenia and Georgia, and captured more than 60, of the survived local people as slaves. Many districts including Yerevan were depopulated. According to the Armenian historian Thomas of Metsoph , although the Kara Koyunlu levied heavy taxes against the Armenians, the early years of their rule were relatively peaceful and some reconstruction of towns took place. The territory was named after a Turkic leader known as Emir Saad. However, this peaceful period was shattered with the rise of Qara Iskander between and , who reportedly made Armenia a "desert" and subjected it to "devastation and plunder, to slaughter, and captivity". Thus, Yerevan became the main economic, cultural and administrative centre in Armenia. For the following 3 centuries, it remained, with brief intermissions, under the Iranian rule. Due to its strategic significance, Yerevan -known as Revan by the Ottomans- was initially often fought over, and passed back and forth, between the dominion of the rivaling Iranian and Ottoman Empire , until it permanently became controlled by the Safavids. In , Iran had secured its legitimate possession over Yerevan with the Ottomans through the Treaty of Amasya. Ferhad Pasha managed to build the Erivan Fortress on the ruins of one thousand-years old ancient Armenian fortress, on the shores of Hrazdan river. Shah Abbas I of Persia who ruled between and , ordered the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Armenians including citizens from Yerevan to mainland Persia. Muslims were either sedentary, semi-sedentary, or nomadic. Armenians mainly occupied the Kond neighbourhood of Yerevan and the rural suburbs around the city. However, the Armenians dominated over various professions and trade in the area and were of great economic significance to the Persian administration. As a result of the Treaty of Zuhab in , the Iranians reconfirmed their control over Eastern Armenia, including Yerevan. On 7 June , a devastating earthquake razed the city to the ground. In , the Erivan Fortress was besieged by the Ottoman army. After a period of resistance, the fortress fell to the Turks. As a result of the Ottoman invasion, the Erivan Beglarbegi of the Safavids was dissolved. Following a brief period of Ottoman rule over Eastern Armenia between and , and as a result of the fall of the Safavid dynasty in , Yerevan along with the adjacent territories became part of the newly formed administrative territory of Erivan Khanate under the Afsharid dynasty of Iran, which encompassed an area of 15, square kilometres 5, square miles. The Afsharids controlled Eastern Armenia from the mid s until the s. Following the fall of the Afsharids, the Qajar dynasty of Iran took control of Eastern Armenia until , when the region was conquered by the Russian Empire after their victory over the Qajars that resulted in the Treaty of Turkmenchay of Yerevan places to visit

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  1. After the Mongols captured Ani in , Armenia turned into a Mongol protectorate as part of the Ilkhanate , and the Zakarids became vassals to the Mongols. As of [update] the mountain is open to climbers only with "military permission".

  2. Post-collisional tectonic convergence within the collision zone resulted in the total elimination of the remaining seas from East Anatolia, at the end of early Miocene, crustal shortening and thickening across the collision zone, and uplift of the East Anatolian—Iranian plateau. Luckily we had our silk sleeping bag liners with us and we were able to use those for sheets. That means no more visa fee, and no more disembarking the train for immigration procedures at the Armenian border as was the experience of traveller Sven, who recently made the journey.

  3. According to the Armenian historian Thomas of Metsoph , although the Kara Koyunlu levied heavy taxes against the Armenians, the early years of their rule were relatively peaceful and some reconstruction of towns took place.

  4. We did, however, experience a few headaches at Armenian immigration. In the northeast, in the mountains above Armenia, stands Mount Ararat, shown with a rectangular-shaped ark on the summit. By the time we pulled in to Armenian immigration just after 11pm, we were tired and irritable.

  5. Second, a cone-building phase began when the volcanic activity became localized at a point along a fissure. For the following 3 centuries, it remained, with brief intermissions, under the Iranian rule. The territory was named after a Turkic leader known as Emir Saad.

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