What does my nose say about me. When does science say Human Life begins?.

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What does my nose say about me

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. She is mths, very lively. The only point is that she sometimes tries to nibble any part of my legs or arms. By "nibble" I mean sharp points of her teeth either just touching the skin or sometimes feels like she is nipping me with her teeth. Can somebody please advise cat man 6 months ago I am old and have had many sweet hearted well behaved loving cats, and a few unfriendly ones. The nice ones had ways of orally boding with me. For one male, holding my finger in his mouth was his way of bonding. He was a real sweetheart and he would lie in bed with me holding my finger in his mouth. He would not bite down, just holding my finger was his need when he was young. Other times when we were rough-housing he would bite and scratch t harder but not very hard. A female tortoise Manx I had her favorite play was to lightly nibble on my finger so I called her "Nibbles". Another female I had liked to lightly nibble on my ankles, but she would do it only after I took a shower, and she was always waiting in the bathroom or outside the door waiting to have a nibble on my clean, damp ankles. Some kitties chomp too hard and then you might want to try modifying that behavior but the cats that I had mostly they were love bites. If he is purring and biting he is probably trying to show affection and doesnt really know how to do it. Poor animals dont understand what is acceptable and wanted and what is not so try to be gentle and tell him NO if he bits too hard. Cats really think we humans are just large powerful cats and I have had multiple cats who bite and romp and play with each other endlessly so mild biting isn't always bad. Annette Ruhmann 7 months ago Found this blk. Been here 2 months. I'm 74, skin very thin from kemo. I want to find him a forever home. Can someone help me? Susan Bertoline 8 months ago My 8 year old cat bites me when I try to get j off my lap or any other reason I can't understand. I know about overstimulated and it's mot that. Have been to the hospital twice for infection. Don't know what to do Kristin edmunds 10 months ago I owe a beatiful. All cat and im a diabetic i owed coco about three years now out the blued he bites me i dont if its time to get rid if him or kerp him , i do spoil him and i try my best to give him the world i play with him i let him sleep with me i give him dry and moist food so i dont understand why hes trying to bit me anonymous 11 months ago Bought my cat at Petco 3 years ago he was 9 years old then, he's a tuxedo domestic, he loves attention from anyone, never goes outside, he's bitten me so many times especially when I'm sleeping, the last time he torn the skin on the back of my hand so I've now sut him out of my bedroom at night, He jumps on y lap bangs his head on mine, lets me cut his nails, yet he still bites, Janie 12 months ago My cat is deaf and declawed. She will try biting on my leg while laying on my lap. She doesn't act mean, just gentle nips. How can I stop this Annette Foster 12 months ago I am a diabetic senior citizen! Got my 3 year old cat from shelter about 8 m0nths ago! He was very friendly, until about a month ago! Heis now biting me without any warning and has drawn blood numerous times! Would it be wise for me to rehome him? I am actually getting afraid of him! Fibi 14 months ago Hi, my cat is about months old. I know I have a busy life and we usually aren't home to play with him, but while I'm working on stuff on my laptop, I usually drag around a toy for him to play with. At least once a day, everyday, he gets so aggressive and attacks me, almost. I do think it is a lack of attention and stress as well, since we are a lot of people in the house, but I do try and distract him with a toy and never let him play with my hands before, maybe my roommate has, but he still does it and I have to kick him out of my room. He randomly attacks my feet as well. It's just getting frustrating, and I would love to get him a friend but I can't really afford that as a student. I just don't know what to do, he's really aggressive. I never hit him, I've tried biting back gently, or not playing with him for a while but he carries on. Fran 14 months ago My cat is 4 and bitey. I was bitten and i took a swipe at her, now shes a little standoffish. Ive kissed , offered treats, i feel sick because she would get on my chair in my lap. Ive had her 2mths. She dosent play well by herself but retirement homes only allow one animal. I really love her. Annette 14 months ago My cat is 3 years old and is very lovable, but he will bite my arm when he is sitting on my lap! I'm not even touching him when he does that! I got him at the shelter and he became very comfortable here right away! Can you sggest something to do to stop him from doing this? Do you have any suggestions on what I should do? Anonymous 15 months ago I've had my cat for two years, she's never attacked me, even when I put myself between her and another cat. Recently she's begun attacking me and my friend for no reason. She pushes her in to my hands and purrs and rubs herself against me then without warning she's attacking my hands. I watch for the ears and tail, I listen for growls, but there's no warning at all. She doesn't even hiss during or after the attack, she simply goes back to asking for my attention. I'm scared that there's something wrong and I won't be able to fix it. Bedelia 18 months ago My cat has been doing this for most of his life and he is 15 months old. He will sit still and look like he is getting ready- then slowly stalk me and when I am not looking,he will bite the back of my arm. He rabbit scratches and bites and the rest of the time he is cuddly and wants to be around me all the t ime. Will he out grow this? Love-the-purrfects 18 months ago My cat comes up to me and asks to be petted by rubbing her head on my leg so I pet her after a little she goes on a nipping spree on my legs then starts rubbing her head again. We think she is OCD and she has seperation problems too. As soon as we go out the back to hang washing on the line to just be out there one min later she is howling any ideas? I Say Past Tense Because She bites me when she is upset, or over stimulated from petting. I've been told that declawed cats bite. That's interesting because I had a Siamese who was front declawed and she never bit me! I do know that she came in as a stray, and was badly matted and had to be shaved. Other than that she has been the most affectionate cat I have ever had, but she is quick tempered as such as the Turkish Angora whose characteristics best describe her. The Breyer 19 months ago Its too late to do it as a kitten my cats really mean and he's a cat how do I train him if he's already a cat P. S the name is my tube name M 24 months ago I was petting my cat because she wanted to cuddle and all of a sudden she bit my neck for no reason, she wasnt angry and she never did this before. Debbra 2 years ago My cat is three years old. We play regularly and he is trained to know the difference in a hand that wants to play fingers splayed and relaxed and a hand that is going to pet him fingers together, Palm up. However, just this past week he has started biting my legs when I walk. And biting my legs, arms and face when I sleep. He has never done this before. It's not related to play time. I thought he might need something, but his food and water are fine and it's the middle of the night he has had the same feeding schedule since I got him. Anonomys 2 years ago My kitty is a large tuxedo cat and he is usally quite calm and sweet but i was carrying him to the food and out of nowhere he bit me! Started biting and scratching shortly after I stopped giving it an evening dose of catnip after evening playtime. Books tell me that cats don't get addicted to catnip but I think otherwise. I now squirt him with water. Katie howard 2 years ago I have an almost a month old kitten and she loves to scratch and bite me and my husband on the hand or the face and she loves chewy on the wire that we got in our trailer and we got her a toy but she dnt like it and i tell her no chewing the wires and to biting my hand and scratches me so what can i do bout her?? Sasha the Cat 2 years ago My cat only bites or scratches me when she is annoyed, or overly playful. Cats can give you some serious scratches, bites, ect, when too playful. If you have a cat like mine, watch out when they roll playfully on the floor, attacking random objects. I've never been severely scratched by my cat, and hardly scratched at all, but that's because I know not to touch her when she's like this. She means well, but she also attacks everything in sight She makes me laugh, though! Angel 2 years ago Hi My 8 months male cat Cake comes to me purring and asking to be petted, I petted him for few seconds then he moved back a little so I stopped. He was sitting next to me while I was playing with my Phone he was still purring then he gave me a bite. The next day I was standing when he came purring, I petted him a little then I continued doing my work, then he gave me a bite. Is that a love bite? Or is he angry because I stopped petting him? If claws I relax and let them pull my hand into their mouths. What does my nose say about me

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  1. She would not return to the king unless he was pleased with her and summoned her by name. She put her hand on her head and went away, weeping aloud as she went.

  2. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. We think she is OCD and she has seperation problems too. Human embryos only need a suitable environment and nutrition to become more mature human beings.

  3. The laser looks like a large upright vacuum cleaner, with a long wire fibre attached, which I control via a touch console. What shall I do?

  4. It feels good to get what you want, but it is not always in your best interest that this should occur. If this was extended to the rest of the country, very significant savings could be made. Can it be something I did when he was younger??

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