Weeknight date ideas. 5 Free Weeknight Date Ideas.

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14 Date Night Dinners

Weeknight date ideas

Jun 14, at 5: ET Share Tweet Pin Your cherished date night with your spouse doesn't have to wait until the weekend. Forget Saturday night and enjoy some couple time during the week with these five fun weeknight date ideas. Pin Pin Happy Hour Happy hour typically occurs during the week from 5 to 7 p. Services such as Groupon, Living Social and Buy With Me give you incentives to explore new restaurants and events in your area. There's something new every week! Pin G-rated swinging Remember how much fun it was to double date? You can still do it -- and make new friends at the same time. Meetup groups are a great way to meet others with interests similar to yours, says Xu. And being with new people in unfamiliar environments will automatically draw you closer to one another. As a couple, you'll feel like a team as you explore your interests with others… and meeting other people will give you a ton of stuff to gossip about afterward. Pin Game night Send the kids off to Grandma's house and stay home for an adults-only game night. Take turns calling the shots on what move your partner will make next. Give your partner a list of items -- bra, garter, lubricant, whipped cream -- that you hid around the house for him to find. Make sure you have something super-special planned for him once he completes the challenge. Pin Parking Making out in the car is hot stuff… especially now that you have that roomy family van. Drive to a secluded spot where you can cloud-watch, stargaze or watch airplanes take off, says romance author Joanne Rock. Kiss each other, fondle each other… do whatever you think you can get away with. Pin Hot cooking Take the joy of cooking to the next level and seduce each other with food. Visions of Food and Form is a new coffee table book full of seductive recipes and food ideas that will have your partner eating out of your hand and off your stomach, neck and everywhere else. Food and touch are the basic ingredients of life. Weeknight date ideas

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  1. An amazing orchestra played inside, while we picnicked outside and watched them on a 7,square-feet projection wall.

  2. The tried and true dinner and a movie date never really goes out of style. Go for a walk together. Instead of being on our laptops and phones inside the house, we leave technology behind and take Pika for a walk around the neighborhood.

  3. Pin Pin Happy Hour Happy hour typically occurs during the week from 5 to 7 p. Our local coffeehouse has live music during the week. You can have a lot of fun trying to win prizes, riding on the rides, and eating cotton candy and funnel cake all night long.

  4. Free or near free events around town. Carnivals and fairs can be great weeknight date ideas, but they only come around to your town or area every so often, so keep a lookout!

  5. If you are married and living together, weeknight dates can help to keep your relationship fresh and exciting or they can help to reignite the spark that first drew you together.

  6. Carnivals and fairs can be great weeknight date ideas, but they only come around to your town or area every so often, so keep a lookout! With my back hurting from this pregnancy belly, bubble baths are my absolute favorite.

  7. Fill me in on your weeknight date ideas! No matter if you are dating or married, here are 10 date ideas for couples to enjoy on weeknights: Going out for some ice cream or frozen yogurt after dinner breaks up our usual routine.

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