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Unicycle brisbane

Music has been his passion from when he first picked up a guitar and that first strum, he was hooked, that is what he wanted to do. It has been a journey of many tours, places, weeks and months spent away from family and friends, too many kilometers to count, highs and lows, and a lot of hard work but totally rewarding. His greatest satisfaction is when people come up after the show with a smile on their face and say what a great time they have had, for him that is what it is all about! A born showman, he mixes an energetic blend of comedy, ventriloqisim and audience participation to leave the crowd in hysterics. Each performance can include buzz words, product placement and peoples names for extra comedy effect. As one of only a handful in the world with the ability to perform this rare art form Sarah will be a unique feature at your next event. Having worked as professional entertainer for over a decade she understands your event planning needs. Her years of experience have created a polished show and ensure reliable, punctual, professional service from the moment you book her. Her diverse career has seen her perform at corporate functions, comedy clubs, cruise ships, festivals and as even opened for a rock band. She is able to offer a variety of entertainment options so, whatever your occasion, your guests will be talking about the girl who talks to herself. Emcee - She is a charming hostess who can transform your event from average to amazing. Her warm humour will have your guests engaged and excited for each upcoming speaker or act. The volunteer cast members are treated with integrity and routines are kept within boundaries of good taste and safety and still provide a funny and entertaining show. Great for breaking down barriers or for a comedy pack show in a club or corporate situation. Kevin never oversteps the boundaries of corporate good taste. The audience laughs with the participants, and never at them. Kevin's corporate event entertainment is full of class, elegance and style. CodeTL-Stand up comedian-Melbourne He has been performing for over 25 years on stage and television. He has appeared in countless television commercials and live television. He has toured all over Australia and has entertained audiences with his impersonation of the Nutty Professor , Jerry the Kid and Buddy Love. A very engaging and funny performer who has no trouble winning over an audience. He is Australia's most loved contemporary clown. He is a multi-award winning comedian whose shows link the traditions of Vaudeville, Slapstick, Music hall and Clown. Described as 'Charlie Chaplin meets Jim Carrey', and he is in great demand locally and internationally. Whether he is juggling, playing an impressive and ludicrous array of instruments or performing magic, he celebrates the joy of play. Electric and improvisational, his comedic skill and playful rapport with the audience creates an orchestral anarchy that has won him the title of Best Comedy Act in many national and International festivals. Well known for his Comedy Company roll as Con The fruiter. Mark has since appeared in childrens films, and MCs many events or as a guest speaker on his experiences. Mark is still very funny in no matter what role he is playing. Because he gets inside the world of the client by doing extensive research and writing specifically tailored material for every single corporate performance. And any information gathered is kept confidential. Because having worked in a corporate environment himself for 13 years he can empathise. Because he is positive, friendly, tasteful and safe, and will reject material which may be funny on paper but hurtful when delivered to an audience. Because people in a corporate audience especially at a conference need to have a laugh to maintain their mental stamina and Elliot delivers lots of laughs. For example through his specific tailoring, Elliot can facilitate organization changes, reduce areas of conflict and improve motivation. Because his fees are fair compared to the fees charged by many others. Because his major focus is corporate work and he values his reputation in this area. A very entertaining magic show. Very funny and entertaining and Frank can't be rude. Comedy A-Melbourne A wacky musical comedy extravagangza where this crazy duo will take off Australia's Most famous. As seen regulary on The Footy Show. Hilarious performance with the Wissed Piggles. Plus sporting skits "Gary lyon Sleeps Tonight". They can even write and tailor a song or skit for your particular function. Why not have Dame Edna at your next function? This Las Vegas Style Show showcases his unique comedic wit and charm, mastery of prestidigitation and hilarious hypnotic skits while unleashing the creative abilities of his on stage guests subconscious minds equaling 90 minutes of amazing and hilarious skits. This unforgettable show is unlike any other hypnosis show you will ever see, having the audience coming back time and time again with every night being its own unique show spectacular. Available for meet and greets, photo shoots, promotions. View video for krispy kreme promotion http: As he assaults your funny bone, his energy, comedy and surprise will have your audience in the palm of his hand. First class Sydney based. Phil is the original that others try to emulate. He's a showman, raconteur, comic and multi award winner. In all, he has received 19 Australian National Awards for his service to show business. He will leave you with the sense of having experienced something truly extraordinary and memorable. The linchpin was Phil , whose mingling of magic, prestidigitation and comedy had tears streaming down peoples' eyes. He assaulted our collective funny bone… I laughed for so long and so hard that by the end of it, it was almost a relief to stop laughing. He has many bows to his string, however, the main areas he specializes in are Magic and Comedy. What makes Patrick special is his authentic outlook on life and his passion to use his talent to make a difference and leave his audiences with lasting happy memories. This is a strong, personal, funny and exciting style of magic. It happens right in front of you and often in your own hands. No Large boxes, no bright Lights just Real Magic that is bewildering and extremely entertaining. They will remember the magic long after your event is over. For Brilliant Comedy with a magical twist, Patrick is established as the consummate corporate entertainer. Gob smacking Comedy Stage Show For Brilliant Comedy with a magical twist, Patrick is established as the consummate corporate entertainer. Gob smacking Comedy From the moment he walks out on stage he captivates his audiences with quick one liners and an opening stunt that just floors the spectators - He swallows a four foot long inflated balloon This is a wonderful tribute to a legendary character. Very funny see also comedy shows comedy C-Qld Robert can find humour in any prop. A very funny Performance to open any event to set a light hearted mood. The show is very much a visual comedy style of cabaret, that has everything and due to the style of music used in the routines, no band is required, its all run from mini disc. The act can work without any talking because of it's visual nature and it's fast tempo throughout. Show can run from mins. As the ringleader frenetically runs back and forth on stage, the audience is left wondering what he'll be pulling out and what he'll think of next. No comic is more in demand for everything from after dinner speaking to product launches, sports hospitality, awards ceremonies and any manner of corporate, fundraising, sporting or public event. Vince performs at over events a year in Australia and overseas. Vince Sorrenti has a long performance history, cutting his teeth in Architecture Revues in the early s and in the burgeoning stand up comedy scene that he helped create. After graduating as an Architect in he threw full weight behind his real talent and has performed to ecstatic crowds on thousands of stages all over the world. He has hosted TV programs in Australia and the United States, appeared in movies, released comedy albums, performed in festivals, and been a guest on countless talk and variety programs. He has thrice won the Mo Award as Australia. Vince Sorrenti is a writer. Vince is hilarious as hundreds of testimonials and a staggering amount of repeat work testifies. Sorrenti has demonstrated versatility over the years being everything from a sports commentator to a debating captain on a long list of television programs for every network in the country. An ability to adapt to any audience has been the key to his popularity on live stages at a blinding array of events. Comedy J-Melbourne Leading exponents of eccentric street cabaret these multicultural brothers sing and play music with gusto and verve while dancing the rhythms of the world in their talented tapping gumboots. Humour them as they perform strange rituals to their sacred gumboots but take care not to excite them. A comical and musical mix of body percussion, South African gumboot dancing and stand-up comedy. View Video comedy A-Circus show-contortion-juggling-adagio-comedy-Melbourne See the highly skilled antics of these two circus superstars as seen on the ABC series "Sideshow" in a sideslitting physical comedy of romantic blunders where beautiful moments collide with absurd chaos. Be amused, bemused and amazed these two eccentric characters create hilarious mayhem complete with ridiculous duo juggling, mind blowing body bending and a stunt that involves Roberta folding and squeezing her entire body into a small see thru box no bigger than a fish tank whilst Repeata executes a handstand on the top. This unbelievable act combines the diverse talents of two extraordinary artists who have performed their unique special blend of contemporary circus and physical theatre in Asia, Canada, America, New Zealand and Europe for the last 10 years. They politely chat, flirt and generally make themselves known to everyone at the event. Later, they take to the stage to announce the winner of the raffle, a comedy routine with a member of the audience ensues. With their cover blown, their first song could be described as a delicious flirtation with the masses, combining witty lyrics with fabulous vocal prowess. This is followed by 3 or 4 classical songs or arias chosen to suit the occasion. The accompanist provides a sumptuous underscore to the whole event — suitably attired in his suit and black tie — he tries to keep the ladies under control, but has no chance. It appeals to men and women alike. Who else can perform Carmen in 15 minutes? They offer a comprehensive repertoire that can be tailored to suit the occasion. Unicycle brisbane

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  1. The USA Touch association hosts an annual national championship. A very entertaining magic show.

  2. The AWC methodology We truly believe that every person needs to tap into their own creative intuition. View Video comedy A-Circus show-contortion-juggling-adagio-comedy-Melbourne See the highly skilled antics of these two circus superstars as seen on the ABC series "Sideshow" in a sideslitting physical comedy of romantic blunders where beautiful moments collide with absurd chaos. So if you want to receive feedback, support and a heads-up on opportunities … join the Club!

  3. Mat can perform as a strolling, close up, and childrens' party magician. Bestsellers are just that, selling millions of copies.

  4. A lone performer performs with an aerial hoop. A solo performer performs on an aerial strap. A version of the FIT rules known as one touch in South Africa features a change of possession after a single touch rather than the six in the league-derived game.

  5. You may travel a lot for work and believe you already have a story to share. View video for krispy kreme promotion http: However, we also know there are clear frameworks and techniques that will make you a better writer.

  6. The performer somersaults and lands onto a mat or a tower of people, sometimes the performer even wears stilts.

  7. Keep in mind that larger numbers mean the face painting will take longer. A comical and musical mix of body percussion, South African gumboot dancing and stand-up comedy. The USA Touch association hosts an annual national championship.

  8. Gob smacking Comedy Stage Show For Brilliant Comedy with a magical twist, Patrick is established as the consummate corporate entertainer. After graduating as an Architect in he threw full weight behind his real talent and has performed to ecstatic crowds on thousands of stages all over the world. She will even conjuror up some balloon animals.

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