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Now for the sex Part 2 of our story continues with David making some progress towards becoming a man, he's been kind of a pussy. Please check out part 1 , but as a quick reminder we have with us today: David, an 18 year old college freshman. Vickie, his hot older sister who's a senior at his college. Vickie has had our boy handcuffed a few times which pisses him off, but she also gets his rocks off so there's some mixed feelings about that. We also have Vickie's friend Vanessa of the H-cup who isn't fat and yes, there is such a thing, she's real, trust me! Vanessa and David had a rather wild time but no fucking. Then there's Michele, the final gal of the trio, the love of his life. I guess I drove home from Vanessa's house. The afternoon seems like a dream I molested Vanessa's gigantic tits, came in her mouth And spanked her pretty fucking good. And not just a regular ass spanking, I spanked and slapped her tits, and she loved it! She wouldn't let me fuck her, or lick her pussy, either. I could have forced the issue, but she did threaten to kick my balls. These instructions not to fuck me came from Vickie, my sister. I don't know what to think about her right now. I mean, yeah, she's apparently trying to make a man out of me, which I appreciate, but she's also doing this dominant thing on me and I'm not liking it so much. When I got home, Mom made me dinner, I showered and went back up to the college to hang with a couple guys from my accounting class in their dorm room. We're just barely friends, but it's better than hanging with Mom. Vickie was out on a date. The dorm was pretty cool, wish I was setup like that. I mean you have a lot of freedom, but you also have a roommate who may or may not be a douchebag. Anyway, we hung with a few gals, too. One gal, Cheryl, was showing a bit of interest in me, but Chad my new buddy was interested in her so I distanced myself from her. Bro's before ho's and all that. Only, we didn't say this back then. Plus, she seemed really excited about accounting. I fucking hate accounting but I have to take it. Who gets excited about accounting? I got home pretty late. Vickie was home but her door was locked. But she forgot to lock the door from our adjoining bathroom. I could hear her lightly snoring and could smell the booze and cigarettes on her. Form the glow of her clock radio, I could see about half a boob peeking from her flannel pajamas. She was sleeping hard on her back. You've all seen 'Animal House', right? Pinto is looking at the passed out chick, and an angel and devil appear on each shoulder, each with conflicting advice as to his next course of action. I had a similar experience for a few moments, but then a third guy showed up; we'll call him the Flim-Flam man. Flim was like, yeah, you could jump her bones and get it over with. But wouldn't it be much better to do something to pay her back for all the humiliation she's caused me? Do something with some style? Do it when she's sober so she'll remember it forever? I asked Flim what the plan he was, he said he was working on it. Alright, no Grand Scheme tonight then. But, I couldn't just walk away. I had a semi going and it seemed like a good time to at least leave her a message of 'hey, you don't know what's coming next'. I reached over and carefully unbuttoned another button, then another. Her breathing didn't change. I unbuttoned the last one, and gently opened her flannel top, exposing her breasts. God damn they were nice. And I sucked them last week. Yes I did, sucked them good. And she jacked my cock off with them, with her beautiful tits Nessa and I had a tongue fight on her big fucking nipples I leaned on the bed and shot load after load of hot cum on my sister's tits Nah, just drips on her sheets That will be something nice for her to wake up to! Didn't hear anything in the house. Rolled on my stomach and humped the sheets for a few moments, thinking of Vanessa watching her naked mom masturbate Vickie was still asleep I wanted to catch her reaction to the dried cum on her tits and jammies. Even though we just had mid-terms, the year ain't over and we have this big, stupid biology project due at the end of the year. I gotta go to the campus library and use some of the reference books, no Interwebz back in '87! I go to the second floor of the library where all the reference books are. There's almost nobody in the library. Most people are taking the weekend off after the Mid-terms, it seems. Coming up the stairs, I see a gal wave to me. She's got dark, shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail The face of an Angel. The face of one of my sister's best friends, Michele. My embarrassment was supreme. However, Michele could see this and pretty much put an end to it and got everyone out. The fact that Vickie came back and titfucked my cock was nice ok, it was fucking awesome! I muster up some courage and saunter over. Trying to graduate early? Need to tun in the next progress item How long will you be here? I'm gonna go spread my shit, uh, stuff over in the science section. What important stuff does she have to talk to me about? I struggle to concentrate and study my shit. I'm supposed to be making notecards in order to write my big paper. I thought I would get done today. After 2 hours, I've got 5. I cannot fucking concentrate. I gather up my books and papers and shuffle over to Michele to see what's so important. It's quiet in the library, of course, but the nearest person is about feet away. She invites me to sit down; she's on the end of the table so I sit 90 degrees to her on the side. God I hate it when that happens but I can't help it. Vickie does want you to Vanessa and I love Vickie like a sister and she, Vick, adores you That's not love, or kindness, it's just her being a bitch and I'm not taking it anymore. I thought we could just talk with you, tell you some stuff, give you help with girls and how to talk with them. You're such a great guy but you are so painfully shy I'm not some plaything Vickie is the most sexual person I've ever met, or heard about, or read about. So she has great intentions, but the she struggles with this She has taught Vanessa and I so much about sex Spank sex stories

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  1. Fucking the hottest girl in school. And people keep coming in. I support her tit with my hand, and present it to her.

  2. Every story submitted by our members is checked by our moderators to ensure it is of high quality and complies with our submission guidelines. She grinds on me a little. I remove the panties.

  3. I've settled in between her legs. However, Michele could see this and pretty much put an end to it and got everyone out. I bring the knife down to her stomach, pointing to her breasts.

  4. Vickie and I share a common bathroom, we each have a door from our rooms that gets us into the bathroom. I open my eyes and I'm peeing on her leg. Vickie put her fingers on my lips with her juices.

  5. If it's just rows of urinals, I'm in trouble She's trembling, and buries her head on my shoulder and chest for a moment. I haven't even jerked off this morning.

  6. Vickie dressed in her jammies to go hang with Mom, so I slinked back to my room. Up to her left bra strap.

  7. He then specifically looks at me and says, "Make sure you come by, dude. I haven't even jerked off this morning. I drop by Chad's at his dorm room as it's too early to go to the party.

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