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Are You Having a Boy or Girl ? 11 Signs You Are Having A Girl

Signs and symptoms of having a girl

Contact Author Whether you would love to have multiples or are terrified by the idea of carrying more than one baby at a time, it's very common for pregnant women to wonder if they could be having more than one baby. You may have a higher chance than you imagine; the rate of twin births, along with triplets, quadruplets, etc. More than one out of every 30 pregnancies contains more than one baby. Here are some signs that could indicate multiples, along with the symptoms I experienced when I was expecting my twin daughters. Many symptoms for twins are simply more extreme cases of typical pregnancy symptoms. Elevated HCG It is possible to get a positive pregnancy test slightly sooner with twins than with one baby. Since the human chorionic gonadotropin HCG levels are higher with multiples, they show up a little sooner. However, it is hard to determine the exact levels by a home pregnancy test. Getting blood work done by your doctor will get more accurate results. If the HCG levels seem higher than normal to a doctor, they will usually order an ultrasound, which will tell you for sure if there is more than one baby. My doctor was concerned by my high HCG levels at my initial appointment and ordered an ultrasound, which was how I discovered for sure that I was having twins. Strong nausea and morning sickness Most women suffer some type of morning sickness during their pregnancies. This is believed to be caused by the rise of HCG levels. An extreme version of morning sickness is known as hyperemesis gravidarum. This is when nausea and vomiting is more persistent. Christine Greves , an ob-gyn at Winnie Palmer Hospital, this condition is more prevalent when pregnant with twins. My morning sickness was about the same with my twins as it was with my first pregnancy but it started a lot sooner after conception. Extreme fatigue Lack of energy is a common pregnancy symptom but carrying multiple babies causes a bigger drain on the body. This symptom may not be noticed by first-time mothers or older women who attribute their exhaustion to their age. In my experience, the fatigue was much more extreme during my twin pregnancy than it was during either of my two single pregnancies. Quicker weight gain and bigger baby bump According to the American Pregnancy Association , women carrying twins will gain around four to six pounds during the first trimester, considerably more than the two to four pounds a single pregnancy will gain during the same period. Earlier sense of fetal movement An expecting mother with twins can expect to feel more precise fetal movements sooner than with a singleton pregnancy. According to What to Expect , a mother with twins can detect specific kicks, punches, or elbow jabs late into the second trimester. A singleton pregnancy usually feels these in the early third trimester. A mother may also be able to feel movements in different parts of their belly at the same time. While these are all strong indicators of carrying twins, they are not guaranteed signals. At the end of the day, the only certain way to know if you are carrying more than one baby is with an ultrasound. The majority of the symptoms for a twin pregnancy are similar to a singleton one, just more pronounced. This is generally caused by all aspects of the pregnancy being elevated. Your HGC levels will be higher, your multiple babies will require more nutrients, and you will carry more weight. Overall, there is not much of a radical difference. You can expect slightly more weight gain with a twin pregnancy. Source Other Symptoms of a Multiple Pregnancy 1. Faster and larger uterus growth Since babies start out smaller than a grain of rice, even having quintuplets won't give you a gigantic belly overnight. However, the further along you get, the bigger you will become if you are expecting more than one baby. The uterus can grow larger and at faster rate due to the presence of multiple embryos. Measuring larger than usual for the gestational age is a major sign of a multiple pregnancy. Your doctor or midwife will probably be keeping track of these measurements and should notice a change in the size of your uterus as your pregnancy progresses. Strong heartburn and overactive bladder Extreme heartburn and an overactive bladder are also symptoms that are more pronounced during a twin pregnancy. This is simply because two or more! They will put pressure on your stomach, which can push stomach acids up your esophagus. As the babies grow bigger, their weight will put more strain on your bladder than one would. Body aches Sore legs, feet, back muscles, and round ligament pain are also more common in multiple pregnancies. Again, the extra weight can be what is so hard on your body. In my experience, my heartburn and muscle pain was much worse during my twin pregnancy. Week by Week Development of a Multiple Pregnancy 3rd week: The zygotes of each child has now developed into a blastocyst and is now burrowing into the uterine lining. Embryos are now developed. They will have two layers of cells where their organs and body parts will develop. Embryos will now have their own amniotic sac and placenta. Hearts will now begin to beat. Arms and legs will now be developed. The nerve cells in their brain will now start connecting. Fingernails are starting to grow in at this point and eyelids will now cover their eyes. They will also begin to grow tooth buds under their gums. At this point, you can know the gender of your babies with an ultrasound. The babies will now start growing out hair. Their baby and adult tooth buds will now be set. They may also develop taste buds by this time. Layers of fat will now be developing under their skin, which will smooth it out. Nails will now be developed on fingers and toes. Limbs will now be filling out. Lungs will now be close to being fully developed. Most multiple pregnancies will now be delivering soon. According to the Pew Research Center , multiple births make up 3. This accounts for nearly , births. Here are some reasons why the number may have risen as well as factors that could increase the chances of having twins. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , the rise of twin births can be attributed to the trend of women now waiting longer to have babies. As women get older, their bodies will release more than one egg during a cycle, potentially causing a multiple pregnancy. This is more common after reaching age One in five pregnancies at age 45 and over are multiple pregnancies. More women are now using fertility treatments. This includes using fertility drugs as well as procedures like in vitro fertilization. These treatments typically stimulate the ovaries and cause the release of multiple eggs, raising the chances of a multiple pregnancy. Going through IVF and struggling with conceiving can be harrowing. Be sure to check out this article of what to say to someone that is going through the process. White and Black women are noted as having a higher rate of twin births. Their multiple pregnancies make up 3. Conversely, Hispanic and Asian women have lower rates of having twins. Their rates are 2. According to Healthline , a history of multiples in your family makes it more likely that you will have twins. This is more likely with women who have fraternal twins in their family since they have likely inherited the gene to release more than one egg. For more info, read this article on how to increase your chances of conceiving twins. Identical twins are technically the result of an amusing genetic malfunction. Chances of Fraternal vs. Identical Fraternal twins often run in families. They are caused by hyperovulation, which means more than one egg is released during a cycle. If you have fraternal twins in your biological family, you have a much higher chance of getting pregnant with twins. Taking fertility drugs and getting pregnant after the age of 35 also increases your chance of ovulating more than one egg, which means you could be having fraternal twins, triplets, or more! Identical twins are a completely random occurrence and less common than fraternal twins. Age, race, and family history do not increase or decrease your chance of identical twins because they are technically a genetic malfunction caused by one egg splitting in half. My twins are identical, so although I had no reason to think I would be having twins, I got lucky! Be sure to read this article on the different kinds of twins out there. Is Twin Pregnancy High Risk? Chen, an expert on Medanswers. While most twin pregnancies do well, the majority of them are delivered preterm. The risks for miscarriages, birth defects, and neonatal death as well as the complications of preterm delivery which can affect almost every organ in the baby's body including the brain and the heart are all significantly higher anytime there is more than one baby in a pregnancy. However, most women with twins can expect healthy children as serious problems are rare. Here are the potential risks that expecting mothers may face according to the University of Rochester Medical Center. Signs and symptoms of having a girl

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  1. As it is impossible to move the embryo into the uterus, this condition can only be treated with medication that stops the embryo from growing or through surgical removal of the embryo. Do you fantasize about sex?

  2. What is thy name? However, the further along you get, the bigger you will become if you are expecting more than one baby.

  3. Satan acts through the victim without the victim's consent, thus the victim is morally blameless. Scripture repeatedly relates idol worship to the actual worship of demons Leviticus And crying with a loud voice, he said:

  4. As it is impossible to move the embryo into the uterus, this condition can only be treated with medication that stops the embryo from growing or through surgical removal of the embryo. This could be drug addiction, addiction to alcohol, many different addictions and different sicknesses and diseases.

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  7. It's from the Greek "pharmakeia," which includes the use of drugs to achieve hallucinations, as part of witchcraft, evil arts, etc.

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