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Shades of hope 6 day intensive

The healthcare humor will tickle your funny bone and have you laughing. Not just your standard comedy show, though, the program is uplifting, too. You may find yourself committing to lightening up and laughing more. Or to adopting a new healthy habit. Day 1 — The Essence of Medicine: This course will focus on timely and practical issues involving urgent care medicine. This session will provide best practices for use in an outpatient clinical setting. We will cover infectious disease, wound care, orthopedics, and more. When the patients like you, everything is better. Learn secrets of error reduction and extraordinary bedside manner. We are in a service industry, like it or not. Extraordinary bedside manner is essential to patient rapport and, therefore, overall medical care. This lecture will explore how to optimize the patient experience. Also, thinking is critical in how we go into a room. We need to understand our biases to limit exposure to medical errors. In a case study based curriculum, we will explore the common cognitive biases that lead to medical errors. Critical thinking comes from intuition. Intuition not only comes from experience, but mindful education. This program is a case-based program utilizing audience response units. You will be broken into groups of two or three to answer questions that are then projected for evaluation. This is a way to learn intuition within an academic lecture. Day 2 — Snap, Crackle, or Pop? Shoulder disorders continue to be a common complaint of patients presenting to health care providers. These can be due to overuse, acute injuries, or chronic pain. An understanding of shoulder anatomy is paramount in making correct diagnoses. This presentation reviews the anatomy in a simple and straightforward way. Appropriate initial history questions are reviewed, and shoulder physical examination techniques are demonstrated. Fractures and other bony abnormalities are demonstrated with radiographs. Current treatments are explained and reviewed for each diagnosis. Indications for referral to an orthopedist are also described. Practitioners will be more confident in their ability to correctly diagnose and treat shoulder disorders. Knees are easily and frequently injured. Complaints of knee pain are routinely seen in every health care setting. Important medical history questions, examination techniques, and review of radiographs, will be extensively covered. Knee anatomy is displayed and described in a simple and plain fashion. A reproducible and systematic approach to knee disorders allows providers to make correct diagnoses and institute timely treatment. Differences between intra and extraarticular problems, patellofemoral alignment issues, and acute injures are addressed and displayed. Providers will be better able to diagnose and effectively treat patients with knee complaints. Athletes are especially susceptible to shoulder problems. In athletes, shoulder problems can develop slowly through repetitive, intensive training routines. Blue-collar workers are susceptible to shoulder injuries similar to injuries that athletes sustain. Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints that present to the clinic. Narrowing the differential diagnosis for the shoulder joint is a complex yet simple task. This lecture is designed to familiarize participants with evidence based physical exam techniques for the shoulder. Clinicians must be able to formulate a differential diagnosis efficiently and effectively in order to expedite treatment options. At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to demonstrate the techniques and components of a thorough Orthopaedic history and physical evaluation. Although basic musculoskeletal anatomy has been taught, hands on application of the anatomy in aspirating and injecting joints has been limited with few opportunities to demonstrate hands on skills. At the conclusion, participants will feel confident with their skills in aspiration and joint injections. Then there is cost. This lively session aims to clear the treatment fog and provide attendees with a reality-based guide through the diabetes medication maze. Interactive patient cases will be utilized to highlight the use of new oral and injectable diabetes medications along with tandem use of older diabetes drugs to more safely and effectively help patients achieve desired glycemic goals. This patient has sudden hair loss, another is hirsute, and what is with that adrenal incidentaloma? What should you do with these findings and these patients? Should you refer to endocrinology in hopes the patient gets seen in 3 months? This session is your gift from those among the rare species of specialists—endocrinology. Attendees will receive specialist tips on the initial work up and intervention for commonly referred metabolic complaints and conditions selected by endocrinologists that may cause needless or delayed endocrinology consultations. It will also help you know when to treat and when to punt! Conflicting thyroid management guidelines from endocrine associations and government agencies add to challenges already inherent in treating these patients. Drawing upon personal decades of thyroid management practice, this lively session will use an interactive case study approach to address these challenges and help hone clinician skills treating hyper- and hypothyroid conditions, thyroiditis, and thyroid nodules. Past interventions have failed. Recent studies provide a new etiologic paradigm…the true nature of fat and the astonishing impact of the gut-brain-fat axis on appetite an energy metabolism. Understanding the bio-dynamic interactions between these organs is leading to more effective obesity prevention and intervention strategies. Obesity is a disease and managing it is the future of health care. Why is this happening? Day 3 — 50 Shades of Grey: Young people can have heart attacks. Case based review of ten patients that died or almost died and lived to tell about it. A retrospective review of these cases and how these near misses could have been prevented. Participants will walk through actual cases of cardiac arrest survivors, people who had near fatal myocardial infarctions with focus on how to prevent other patients from the same fate. We are often faced with borderline EKG changes and faced to make decisions about what to do next. On symptomatic patients this is almost easier, but if they are not symptomatic, then the question becomes how much should we worry? Should send the patient to the ER, or refer them to cardiology. Participants will learn how non-specific T wave changes could be subtle ischemia that should be treated like a stemi. We will discuss how the T wave can be your biggest ally when sorting out ACS patients. Case-based discussions with real EKG and case follow through will be used to highlight various perils of non-specific changes. That is what we were taught in school. So how do we explain 30 year olds having myocardial infarctions? Could there more to it than just bad luck? It turns out that there are several risk factors for heart disease and stroke that we can potentially identify early and reverse before they ever have their event — if we just know what to look for. Day 3 — Derm This session is going to delve into the nuts and bolts of the more common dermatology diagnoses. Its focus is to refresh and reinforce what is going on in dermatology today and get you feeling much more confident about the skin problems you will see no matter your specialty. Not only will we discuss common diagnoses but also the treatments that will leave you looking like a superstar. Pimple Popping Made Easy The most sought after treatments in dermatology or related to skin and complexion. This can be a very difficult area to navigate with the number of cosmeceuticals and prescription meds available today. We will take a look at what is the pathogenesis of acne and how to logically prescribe meds and make OTC recommendations. This is a must for anyone in the general medicine field. This has also led to a explosion of new prescription meds available for therapy. Come along for this educational ride and learn the fundamentals of the disease and how to effectively diagnose and treat. Procedures are a large part of dermatology. This course will not only explain the complexity of skin cancer but how to biopsy and treat if necessary. Come along for this fun filled ride and there will be no unexpected shipwrecks along the way. Sorry, there will be no visits from Ginger or MaryAnn either. Day 4 — Knocking Your Noggin: Pain is the most common manifestation of sickle cell disease in addition to organ infarction, increased infections, anemia and stroke. The epidemiology, pathophysiology, laboratory diagnosis, and management will be discussed. Both sickle cell and thalassemia cause complications from chronic anemia and decreased hemoglobin production. Transfusions, iron overload chelation, stem cell transplants and gene therapy are management options. Smart phones are the equivalent convenient bedside computers for reference. Shades of hope 6 day intensive

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  1. Did you know you can do reverse searches on your images and anyone using your work without permission should be issued a cease and desist letter? On symptomatic patients this is almost easier, but if they are not symptomatic, then the question becomes how much should we worry?

  2. Conflicting thyroid management guidelines from endocrine associations and government agencies add to challenges already inherent in treating these patients.

  3. A crelly loaded with blue fine shimmer and blue as well as white glitter. Conflicting thyroid management guidelines from endocrine associations and government agencies add to challenges already inherent in treating these patients. Intuition not only comes from experience, but mindful education.

  4. It turns out that there are several risk factors for heart disease and stroke that we can potentially identify early and reverse before they ever have their event — if we just know what to look for. You can stick to a limited budget or go all-out. Past interventions have failed.

  5. This includes the annual American Academy of Physician Assistants meeting for the past 25 years. Much like changing your diet or genetically engineering a new dinosaur species, developing a new skincare routine is first and foremost about solving a problem or problems. We will cover infectious disease, wound care, orthopedics, and more.

  6. How far along are you in building an Asian skincare routine? An understanding of shoulder anatomy is paramount in making correct diagnoses.

  7. My point is that as you consider essences and other treatment steps, take weather and comfort into account alongside your skincare goals. Bitte aktivieren und erneut versuchen. She has been married to Michael Anthony Fulcher for over 26 years.

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