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Sex Stories : Erotic and Wild Gang Bang

Sexiest erotic stories

I have a Rabbit, another vibrator, a dong, and an anal plug. First on my new wish list is a bigger dong. Something much bigger and somewhat harder than the one I've got which is silicone and about 6. It has a good feel but I'd like the next one to be something that screams major penetration. When I was watching the penis show last night, they showed a dildo designer. He mentioned how extensive the testing process is to get just the right shape and size for look and feel for all the various preferences people have. I'd like to be a tester: Although I suspect I'll end up having several I like. A harem of dildos. Sex has so many moods. I think it's good to have a different dildo for every occasion. Last night was solo period sex. It requires some good firm action--a really wild orgasm to tame those cramps. I just managed to skimp by with the toys on hand. Twice I thought I heard Caveman coming upstairs to join me. He didn't but I darn near got off at the thought of it. It was his cock I was really wanting. Anal play is definitely a mood thing for me. I'm just a babe in Anal Land so far and have much more to experience, but right now when I feel like having something in there for an orgasm, good heavens it's the greatest feeling. I love the how the feeling doesn't vary: I know I'll want an anal vibrator eventually because it's both the fullness and the gentle movement that really gets me. I can't believe I went this long without even thinking of trying anything anal. Where have I been all my life? But I also went this long loving blowjobs but never thinking to go for the balls with my mouth! How incomplete is that? On the topic of blowjobs, according to the History of the Orgasm book, the word blowjob probably came from 'below job'. I always wondered about that. As a young woman I could never figure out where the actual 'blow' part fit in and worried that I was missing as a step! Now I know, it's below jobs I love. At the checkout stand at the grocery store today I noticed more magazine covers mentioning anal sex. This month on the cover of Cosmo it says, "the male G-spot your sexiest search ever! Some of those readers may be very surprised to learn where that search leads them. I have no idea if I'm noticing it mentioned everywhere lately because I'm interested in it, or if it's been there all along just waiting for me to pay attention? Either way, I'd love to think that sexual newbies are actually getting complete information about the health and safety of it so that can really go for it and enjoy. On the penis show, a few sex toy shop owners were interviewed. Each one said that straight couples with the woman doing anal penetration on the man is the big toy seller right now. Women come in and buy strap-ons and vibes and dildos to use on their men. That's very erotic to me. I hope that's in our future. I constantly have fantasies about being the guy or getting to do the guy things in sex. Perhaps this could be one small taste of that. I've had a few emails from people telling me they love female penetration of the guy. I'd love to hear more if anyone wants to comment about it. Men have you tried it? Want to try again? Any women who do this for their men? What do you use? Another Afternoon in Paradise There was a lot of yard work to be done. I did a lot of digging and heavy lifting but I didn't want to overdo it knowing that we'd have the house to ourselves for sex last night. God help me if I ever have to say I'm too tired. Sleep is never the same without an orgasm or more first. In fact, let me fall asleep or die having sex, if there's a choice. The afternoon sun was very hot and I was thirsty. I put down the shovel and went inside. I scrubbed my grubby hands clean how do they get so dirty with gloves on? Might as well cool off and read some blogs. I was still too hot. I went upstairs to change out of my sweaty clothes. I wanted a cool shower but there wasn't enough time. I removed my clothes and got the hand mirror to look at my pussy under the guise of checking my IUD. I've been wondering if its doing alright in there. I finger myself but I can't tell. I'll have to see the doctor soon to check it out. My fingers are still very cold from the water bottle and they feel good. And I like looking as I touch. It's like it's someone else. I turn on the electric vibrator and place it beside the mirror on the floor and kneel over them. Now that I shave, I like looking at myself. There's a lot more to see without any hair in the way. I can't believe I was so hesitant to do it. I never thought about going down on a woman until I saw myself shaved. Now I can imagine myself doing that, making a woman slowly squirm and moan and gush and scream the way the Caveman does me. To get an orgasm from the vibrator this way kneeling over it, hands free , I have to stay absolutely still in one position, no matter how weak or strong the feeling is. The vibrator isn't going to follow me around like a penis or a hand to finish the job. It just stays there, happily buzzing on the floor. The thought of having to stay still when I want to escape the intensity gets me turned on. I am going to be taken by a vibrator. The one I used many years ago had a photo of a 's housewife on the box. She stood there with her 18" waist, apron tied tightly over her dress, tenderly placing the vibrator on her poor sore neck while stirring a pot on the stove. I always imagined her going to town on herself when the photo shoot was done. Maybe the photographer helped too. I pause for a moment wondering if the Caveman could hear the buzzing sound from downstairs. I have to do this. I have tingles all over my body. I close my eyes and lower my pussy onto my little buzzing friend, as if fucking on top but it's just me and the vibrator. I wish I had a dildo to sit on. A flexible, vibrating dildo. The little tip of the vibrator enters my vagina. I feel another rush of wetness run down. I want something big to fuck me. And a penis in front of my mouth to suck on. But the persistent vibration draws all my attention to one central location. I swell with fullness. Time to brace myself. I settle in with the vibe just below the clit hood, pressing myself onto it. My hips are almost to the floor, down between my bent legs. My mouth falls open, wanting to kiss. My nipples harden, sending a sharp grabbing feeling through both breasts. I am completely aroused. Sexiest erotic stories

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  1. This erotic story is a detailed account of a shower that turns into an erotic exploration of his female lover's body and vice versa.

  2. My mouth falls open, wanting to kiss. I don't even like to shop and we don't spend money we don't have which is why I haven't purchased the sex toys yet.

  3. Instead of hiding it from him, she encourages him to watch with her, asking him to talk dirty to her as she masturbates watching.

  4. There's the feeling of teeth gently biting the whole length of the clit. I get the same feelings about kissing.

  5. I pause for a moment wondering if the Caveman could hear the buzzing sound from downstairs.

  6. The dressing rooms were in the back of the store and had just curtains that stopped about 2 feet above the floor over the doorways.

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