Saturn sextile venus. Moon Sextile Mars.

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Synastry- Venus Conjunct Saturn

Saturn sextile venus

You will both be similar in perspective, personality and mannerisms you are in the same tempo. You will be supportive to one another and you have complimented energy. Sun Trine or Sextile your Partners Moon This is very good for a long term relationship along with other positive aspects this can indicate a long and happy relationship. The Sun is the Masculine energy and the Moon is the nurturing, supportive energy, regardless of who is the Sun or the Moon you will both be very complimented and supportive of one another. The Moon will intuitively and effortlessly make the Sun at ease. Sun Trine or Sextile Mercury This is great for communicating, there is not likely to be a shortage of topics. The Sun will appreciate the Mercury person's ideas and perspective. You will relate well on many different areas and might enjoy sharing ideas or even writing something together. You will find great pleasure in your conversations with each other, of course if other aspects allow. Sun Trine or Sextile Venus This is not as powerful as the conjunction, but it is a very close second. This shows mutual attraction and a desire to please the other. You bring out one another's sweet side. You feel at ease with one another, simply like each other. This indicates a strong attraction because when you get along seamlessly and love to be around that person because they make you feel good and you are both mutually physically attracted. What better can there be? The relationship is easy and pleasant you just flow together. Trines are considered Gifts from the Universe and allow love to grow deeply and consistently because you both nourish one another. Sun Trine or Sextile Mars If there is a mutual attraction this can be a sign that neither one of you will be able to keep your hands off each other. The Sun person will feel stimulated by the Mars person adding to the attraction. The Sun person will feel invigorated and more confident as a result of being with the Mars person. Sexually you are both compatible, you will both approach things in a very cooperative manner. The Jupiter person will make the Sun person feel terrific and won't let the Sun get down. The Sun will in return be very positive with the Jupiter person. You will both feel like there is nothing you can't do together. The Jupiter person will encourage the Sun person and appreciate him just the way he is. The Sun person is likely to return the favor because of how Jupiter makes him feel. This is a sign of high compatibility and overall feeling good together. However as always other aspects and signs must be considered. Overall this is a confidence building aspect. Sun Trine or Sextile Saturn This aspect will be somewhat serious, but not boring more of a warm and stable appreciation for one another. There will be a great deal of support and respect for one another. Contrary to Saturn's suppression this aspect indicates that the Saturn person will be supportive of the Sun person and can help the Sun person reach their personal goals. This is great for a long term relationship because both people will be responsible for one another as well as take the relationship very seriously. You both can take on many projects and handle them with a great success you make a really good team and if other attraction factors are there, this will add to the longevity of the relationship. Sun Trine or Sextile Uranus This is an invigorating aspect. You will both be able to express yourselves openly and you will each appreciate each others uniqueness. You are likely to be supportive Friends which helps a lot if this is a romantic relationship. You will both be open minded to try new things and will actually prefer too. This is great for Sex and for passion if a romantic relationship. The Pluto person will be fascinated with the Sun person and the Sun person will appreciate the Pluto's persons depth. Saturn sextile venus

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  1. Your ideas, aesthetics and ideals are closely linked. Intellectual responses are somewhat slowed. Sun Trine or Sextile Mars If there is a mutual attraction this can be a sign that neither one of you will be able to keep your hands off each other.

  2. Your mind is highly disciplined for continuing to accumulate knowledge and to grow continuously throughout your life. It is an aspect that seems to energize emotions and those emotions may often come out with Martian or aggressive qualities. You are respected for your honesty and integrity.

  3. This can make even the most mundane communications difficult. You may have ambitions, but these are not very strong. A Venus trine Sun aspect increases the harmony between you.

  4. Nonetheless, this aspect will make it easy for you to work and deal with people even when some aspects of the reading suggest otherwise. Because of this, you can be left out of the mainstream of social life sometimes.

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