Rings for girlfriends. Girlfriends in God.

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Rings for girlfriends

How do you rate this product? Write a headline for your review here: Write your review here: We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. I have to say it was definitely worth the money though, as one of the other reviewers says, it's just a bit too big! Theres no way its ever going to fully fit inside. I'm probably going to get a smaller one with a suitable belt but don't get me wrong this is was well worth it! As I've never had a real one inside my vaj I can't say how realistic it is but it really does feel good. I had to water down the fake cum but it works perfectly. I've since use other lubes etc instead of buying more fake cum. They work just as well. I like a big fat cock so it's great for me and the squirting cum is even better Posted by Big fanny on 26th Nov I like a big thick cock inside me so it was great for me and when I squeezed the balls and shot its load inside me it was just like the real thing I was wet through and loved it.. I squeezed the cum all over my face and sucked it off so got two for the price of one.. Better than the real thing.. I use it every day sometimes 2 or 3 times a day because i cant get enough of the cum inside me as its feels so real.. You need to try it if you like a big fat cock squirting its load inside you.. Im off to try it now as i've turned myself on so much writing this I will need to order loads more bottles of cum lube as it's creamy and musky and i've used loads and i've nearly run out again.. Dont forget only order it if you like a big fat cock inside you because it's huge You Happy fucking and sucking off.. The lube even taste great I was very intimidated when I opened the package, but I'm so glad I got it! No other dildo makes me feel the way this one does! Although, I could definitely do without the super strong rubber smell Love it Posted by Unknown on 8th Mar Other than it could be a bit longer but was great just the same. I bought the jiz with the cock and that's just a bit thick to work well but I deluted it some with water and it worked fantastic Really lubes Posted by Unknown on 27th Jan Squirter could be a little beefier, but it works. Wife loved it, could keep adding the jizz lube that came with it while using it on her and then get super sloppy seconds after. Satisffied Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr The Realistic Squirt Cock is great, but the pump that you use to make it squirt is not all that sturdy or great. I bought the "Jizz" cum scented lube and its a great lube, but seems to be too thick for the squirt pump as I couldn't get it to work Posted by Jessica on 27th Apr I'm a profressional webcammer, sometimes my fans demand more then just vibrators and dildos. I decided to try this out trying to spice things up, this definitely sends them over the edge. The liquid solution that comes with it is not sticky but is somewhat thick giving the impression that is real cum. It is easily cleanable and non smelling, this was the biggest sale for me. I use it during real sex too and quite glad the feel is very smooth and soft. My business has jumped 2 folds being one of the few that uses this toy. Rings for girlfriends

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  1. What do you most enjoy about playing this particular woman, and what were the biggest challenges in playing her?

  2. I bought the "Jizz" cum scented lube and its a great lube, but seems to be too thick for the squirt pump as I couldn't get it to work

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