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Puerto rico adult

For more information call Education Puerto Rico's overall literacy rate of 90 percent and its budget for education is approximately 40 percent. Education is obligatory between 6 to 17 years old. Primary school consists of six grades; the secondary levels is divided into 2 cycles of 3 years each. The school term in public schools starts in August through mid-December and January through late May. The Department of Education oversees the public education system. The language used in the schools is Spanish, however, English is taught from kindergarten to high school as part of the school curriculum. Some private schools provides English programs where all classes are conducted in English except for the Spanish class. There are also several colleges and universities available throughout the island, including: It is also the only supplier of electricity in Puerto Rico. Electricity bills are to be paid every month. For more information contact the Customer Services Center at: New generators are being built to keep up with the demand by adding almost 1, megawatts of capacity by Two private co-generating plants are under construction. Tap water is considered safe to drink. Milk is pasteurized and dairy products are safe for consumption. Local meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables are generally considered safe to eat. Natural Gas Natural gas is delivered by the cylinder. Many Puerto Ricans use natural gas propane stoves instead of electric stoves. Propane cylinders can be obtained from a local propane gas supplier. Solid Waste Puerto Rico has over 32 landfills and waste-burning facilities. As with electricity and water, the only supplier of garbage disposal is the government-run company called Autoridad de Desperdicios Solidos www. For more information call the main office at: The first local radio broadcast dating from and television from Dow Jones and Reuters are among the quotation and news services available. AM 74, FM 53, shortwave 0 Television broadcast stations: All local calls costs 25 cents. Local information is , For directory assistance to others parts of Puerto Rico, dial 0. Person-to-person, collect and calling card calls are easy to place. At the center of the phone book are blue pages in English. Total Telephones main lines in use: Total Telephones mobile cellular: Companies providing local and long distance services include: Internet Internet service companies provide access to the Net through local telephone calls around the island. Cellular Companies providing mobile-phone, paging and celluar services include: Centennial de Puerto Rico www. Postal Service Puerto Rico is part of the U. Post offices are located in every city and offer Express Mail next-day service to the U. Municipalities have the option of imposing an additional sales tax of up to 1. All inbound shipments to Puerto Rico are subject to a local excise tax. This is payable upon entry to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has it own tax system. Although it is modeled after the U. The Puerto Rico tax system is based on self-assessment. Taxes are paid to the state. In addition, a premium is paid to the Social Security. Individual taxpayers are required to file an annual income tax return when minimum-income thresholds are met. They report taxable income and deductions, compare their final tax liability to any income tax withheld or estimated tax paid, and determine any balance due or overpayment of tax due from the Treasury. For information about the filing taxes in Puerto Rico contact the Bureau of Income Tax at the following address: Puerto rico adult

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  1. For details on the procedures reflected here, see the summary below. Some of these apartments are also equipped with items such as hand rails and pull cords to make getting around and living easier.

  2. Senior apartments should be a consideration for older adults that can take care of themselves. The language used in the schools is Spanish, however, English is taught from kindergarten to high school as part of the school curriculum.

  3. National Park Service and home to numerous unique plants and animals like tree frogs that serenade in the evenings.

  4. They get their name from the song the male coquis sing at night. It is said that Cayey derives its name from the Taino Indian word for "a place of waters". Puerto Rico Governor's Office for Elderly Affairs The Puerto Rico Elderly Affairs Office promote leadership on things related to elderly people of Puerto Rico through activities such as improving development of community or home services to obtained a better quality of life, maintained Elder dignity and a high level of independence.

  5. All the land held by the Navy included Magazine Hill known in the community as "El Polvorin" , which was taken over by the U.

  6. Also these apartments provide a community of elderly neighbors without the hassles of a larger home to manage. Although it is modeled after the U.

  7. Senior living facilities come in many sizes and shapes. This is payable upon entry to Puerto Rico.

  8. Natural Gas Natural gas is delivered by the cylinder. Municipalities have the option of imposing an additional sales tax of up to 1.

  9. For information about the filing taxes in Puerto Rico contact the Bureau of Income Tax at the following address: An industrial base, in Cayey saw the beginning of industrial entrepreneurship. The temperature varies little throughout the year.

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