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Pretty senior picture ideas

You will find that different activities will work some days and times and others wont. The best thing to remember is that the residents are not babies and should be treated with respect at all times. Have fun with them and keep them busy,look out for Sundowning restless behavior towards the late afternoon hours ,Try to keep a consistent program. These are the most rewarding residents that I have found to work with. Here are a few ideas and sample activity days that you might try: Get items that can be sorted by the residents such as Buttons different sizes and colors , poker chips, balls, bottle caps, forks, spoons, rocks, etc. Have residents sort items out, make sure to always have staff by the resident to watch that they don't eat items. Give resident some clay or play dough and have them make something,anything. This is good exercise for their hands. Have your residents go through different magazines and look for a specific item. What 's in the Bag? Get a bag and fill it with different items such as cotton balls,sandpaper,leaves,newspaper,felt,q-tips,golf ball,sock,clothespin,etc,then have residents take turns and feel whats in the bag,and tell you what the items are. This activity is fun because they can eat some while they make their chains. Make a fruit salad: The George Forman Grill is great to have for your facility because its small,cleans up easy, and the smell of the cooking item on the grill is wonderful for the residents. Other items to grill: Other stuff to make: I have found that if you can have animals at your facility, do it!!! They can be a lot of work but they residents really respond to dogs,cats,rabbits,birds,turtles and most any animals. And the fun part is that you can get your residents to help with their care,feeding,and walking the dogs. Get some residents and a ball and have some fun, place residents in a circle and roll ball towards residents,let them kick it or toss it. Have residents fold clothes, sweep,dust, vacuum and set dining room tables. Alzheimer's residents love to help. I have found that if you say " I am so busy,can you help me fold these clothes Mrs. Johnson" they will love to do it. Take your residents outside for a walk, always take a caregiver or someone else with you and a cell phone if possible. Music soothes the soul,put on some music any kind of music, and just sit back with your residents and listen, some residents may sing along, some will dance, anything goes. These tips are not fool proof and will work at times or may not. Just remember to be patient and try to enjoy your time with your resident. Pretty senior picture ideas

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  4. Get a bag and fill it with different items such as cotton balls,sandpaper,leaves,newspaper,felt,q-tips,golf ball,sock,clothespin,etc,then have residents take turns and feel whats in the bag,and tell you what the items are.

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