Poems for dads who have died. Father's Day Poems.

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Dads funeral songs (R.I.P Daddy love you)

Poems for dads who have died

Decline his offer a new trial treatment with no history Commence within two days with Chemotherapy. The campaign for a cure now begins Wake up in the night to use the bathroom, I attempt to move but my body wont allow. Sickness, injections and treatment to attempt to make a mend The routine continues for many a week The effect on my nails, they are now soft and weak My hair has all gone my eyebrows are few Rashes on body and mouth ulcers too. The ending is near, worry sets in If it does not work, what is the next plan. Tests are taken and send to the consultant. My Consultant calls he wants to see me. I wait in reception nervously. Time is ticking on and on. Waiting lists and schedules are all running late Every tick on the clock I need to know my fate. He calls my name, I enter his room He ask me to sit as he examines the files He coldly informs me the Chemo has worked. The scan shows no sign of residual tumours It is all over the best of all news Regular monitoring now for the next five years. Many days later the news sinks really in All count your blessing for what have might have been The smells of the Drugs of the Chemo they use The sounds of the wards, the squeaking of nurses rubber shoes. The Sight of a drip or a hospital bed The Chemo scorched veins, showing you are not dead The feeling never goes; your life has changed. Things have a new prospectus, you have now aged. You here a story similar you need to know all Your privileged, your proud you are standing tall. But think for a while, if the news was not great. How many people have had an unfortunate fate. We feel for the loved ones, who the illness will keep The life lost forever, and now we all weep. Keep the fight going ensure you must win In your deepest hour of need let the almighty in. Give yourself a mission and focus in well We will meet again, when everything is swell By James Cousins JamesCousins yahoo. Poems for dads who have died

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  1. I miss him so much and I wish he was with me. He had cancer in 6 places I was so close to him we done literally everything together.

  2. I'm still wondering why he left me alone and why God has to take him away from me so soon. Thanks for telling me to tell you my story and why I chose your poem to read. The fact that you are now a successful adult, loving your mother with every fiber of your being, shows what a great job your mum did in the few years you were together.

  3. I balled when I read this poem. My dad passed away on , and it has been really hard to put words onto paper and i really appreciate this poem at this hard time.

  4. I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new I thought about you yesterday and the days before that too.

  5. My little sisters were 4 and 7 when we lost our dad, so young and yet they cherish all of their memories which they can remember everyday, each year we set off a balloon with a note on it for our father, he was a good man, god is lucky to have him, we know we shall see him again. I loved it so very much.

  6. A light appeared in the darkened sky bringing hope to him as he stood by. I did not get to tell him bye before he left for work that day, my mom told him not to go because she thought something was going to happen.

  7. Why someone had to take his precious innocent life I'll never know or understand. But I'll never forget that rainy day When the Angel of the lord took my Father away. Getting married, having children.

  8. I lost my dad 3yrs ago on March 6, I hope she heard them even though she couldn't speak anymore.

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