Picture of baby with umbilical cord attached. The Silver Cord.

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Picture of baby with umbilical cord attached

Possibly even more heart-wrenching are cases wherein a completely defenseless infant is abducted. Sadly, it can get even worse than that. Some people are willing to do anything for a baby. Each of the following were so desperate for an infant that they kidnapped pregnant women, cut them open, and yanked out the baby. Unfortunately, this crude surgery is often deadly—both to the pregnant women and the babies. She was desperate to have another child and began faking a pregnancy. Her boyfriend grew suspicious of her pregnancy as it stretched months beyond her due date. Lane hatched a plan to get a baby. Lane placed a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. They spent more than an hour chatting while they sorted through clothes. Wilkins started to leave, but Lane suggested they go downstairs to look at more clothing. When they arrived in the basement, Lane struck Wilkins from behind. She hit and scratched Wilkins before Wilkins pushed her off. Wilkins threatened to call the police, and Lane hit her over the head with a lava lamp. She stabbed Wilkins in the neck with the broken glass. I delivered a baby. This is still birth. Wilkins regained consciousness, and she realized she was severally injured. She managed to reach her cell phone and dial Wilkins was rushed to the hospital. Despite losing more than half of her blood, she survived. Lane was arrested and sentenced to years in prison. Richard Harbus Ashleigh Wade told her family, her friends, and her boyfriend that she was pregnant. Wade stole ultrasound photos from websites and posted them to her Facebook page. Through the social network, Wade reconnected with a childhood friend, Angelikque Sutton. Sutton was expecting a baby, and the pair bonded over their pregnancies and their impending children. When Sutton arrived, Wade attacked her. Wade stabbed Sutton around 50 times, taking great care to avoid her abdomen. Wade cut the umbilical cord, wrapped the infant up, and made a bottle. Then she called her boyfriend, Steven Praylow. He wrapped the infant in his jacket, walked outside, and dialed Wade was taken away for a psychiatric evaluation. She was later found guilty of murder. Sutton and her daughter were brought to a hospital. Sutton was pronounced dead. However, her daughter, Jenasis Bradley, survived and was unharmed by the rough delivery. Morales-Rodriguez faked a third pregnancy, and she panicked as her supposed due date approached. She spent two weeks looking for a pregnant woman. Morales-Rodriguez drove to a local community center and found Maritza Ramirez-Cruz, a mother of three who was in her 40th week of pregnancy. She offered the expectant mother a ride. Morales-Rodriguez brought Ramirez-Cruz to her home, and she attacked her. Morales-Rodriguez bashed her in the head with a baseball bat, choked her until she passed out, duct-taped her eyes and nose, and wrapped a plastic bag around her head. She pulled out the baby. He was not alive. She told them she had just given birth and that the baby was not breathing. She was brought to the hospital. Police went to speak with Morales-Rodriguez, and they brought her to the hospital. She went into a bathroom and scratched the inside of her vaginal wall until she bled. She told doctors she was still bleeding from the birth. However, the examination proved she had not had a baby. Morales-Rodriguez was arrested and sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. She claimed she was pregnant, and she showed him a fake pregnancy test. Causey-Fregia continued with her lie, sending him fake sonogram photos. Months passed, and Causey-Fregia realized she needed a child. She traveled to a hospital with her daughter and tried to find an infant. Instead, she found Victoria Perez, who was eight months pregnant. Causey-Fregia lured Perez to her home with the promise of free baby clothes. When the pair arrived, Causey-Fregia killed Perez by blunt force. She failed to get the baby , however. She spent several days burning the body, and then she buried the remains. Causey-Fregia was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree feticide. AP Kathy Coy was obsessed with pregnancy. She had faked many pregnancies, and she had stalked pregnant women for years. Coy asked her year-old daughter to help her kidnap a baby. Coy then asked her year-old son if he would help her commit a murder. Coy befriended a pregnant woman named Jamie Stice on Facebook. She asked Stice to shop for baby items with her. She then disemboweled Stice and yanked the baby boy from her body. She claimed she had just given birth, and she asked her friend to take a picture and send it to her estranged husband, who was out of town. Coy and the baby were brought by ambulance to the hospital. Doctors quickly realized Coy could not have given birth to the baby, who was attached to a uterus and ovaries. They called the police. Coy tried to claim that the baby was hers, but police eventually got her to confess. Coy was arrested and sentenced to life in prison with no parole. She pretended she was still pregnant. A few months later, she offered a former neighbor who was currently pregnant, Darlene Haynes, a ride. She drove Haynes home, and they went inside her house. She severally beat her head, causing multiple skull fractures, and she strangled her with an electrical cord. Later that night, she called her boyfriend and told him her water had broken. Corey called him 12 times that night, detailing what was happening at the hospital. During her last call, she claimed she was leaving the hospital early because she had received poor care. Corey, her boyfriend, and the baby moved to another state. They stayed at a homeless shelter , whose workers became suspicious of the family. They called the police, who brought Corey to a hospital. Doctors concluded she had never given birth. Corey was arrested and sentenced to life in prison without parole. She told her boyfriend and their families she was expecting twins. Roberts bought baby items, and then she decided to find a baby. She posted an ad on Craigslist in an attempt to meet potential mothers. She set up meetings with multiple pregnant women. Roberts offered to trade Snively some baby clothes. Snively was knocked unconscious by the blows. She pulled out a baby boy. She then called her boyfriend and told him she needed help delivering her baby. He came home to find her in the bathtub, crying uncontrollably, and holding the still baby boy. Paramedics drove Roberts and the baby to a hospital. The infant was pronounced dead. Roberts initially refused to submit to an exam, but the doctors eventually completed it and determined she had not given birth recently. Hospital staff called police, who arrested Roberts. Picture of baby with umbilical cord attached

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  1. This pathway is known as the descending tract of nerves. Months passed, and Causey-Fregia realized she needed a child.

  2. Then the cord would dry off and fall, but in it remained some magical powers which they held in high esteem. Denser matter is the most restrictive, so energy and consciousness is more limited in the physical body than in our subtle bodies. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of SCI in the western world with the associated rehabilitation and hospital costs being among the highest for all injuries.

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