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My Mom Got Arrested

My mom wants to see my penis

Straight I was a normal young boy. I asked my sister about sex. Well my sister always spoke for me cause I was shy. She always picked out my pants and shirt and lay them out. She took care of me after Mom and Dad were taken away. Well the foster parents were clueless but nice people who never had kids just pets. The place was huge and my sister and I had one wing of the house and they and their pets had the other. We would eat dinner and around 9 turn in and go to our rooms. That night my sister had brought a book from school about male anatomy. Lots of pictures and information about boy stuff we sat on our bellys and read the whole thing and studied every picture that night. She said she was learning a lot. I learned a bunch. The next day after school as we were walking to the bus she stopped in the drug store to buy feminine napkins. So I took the box opened them up and read the instructions which helped me understand. Maybe a couple days went by and my sister came in my room to lay out my things for the next day and she said I was asleep with a big erection. My sister was getting bolder and bolder. She was budding breast and hips and walking in our wing naked to and from the bathroom. I started leaving my door open just to see her. She had a very cute figure. She once walked in on me when I was in the shower and said oops and left. Then she said your my brother. I got to go, and she sat on the toilet. No big deal, I thought, but from then on she gave me no privacy. Finally the day came she brought a porno home from her friend. That is when she stopped holding back also. When I did in a minute she came in with me. I was hay get out. Turn around and she used my full name which was what Mom did when I was bad so I did. She looked at my soft little penis with just had peach fuzz for pubic hair. I want to touch it she said. I had never masturbated yet, just held my self and felt my self. I could barely stand up it felt so good. How did you like it she said. I just slid to the bottom of the shower then grabbed my self. Sis it was something I think I said. She was enjoying it for a while as I watched from below with a great view I had never seen before. Not like I could see much as she was not touching her self the water was doing all the work. My sister squatted down after she turned off the water and soaped me up some more. Oh my gosh she was slow then fast then slow then switched hands then slow I was feeling something boil up inside of me then I came for the first time with her and me watching. Of course I was 13 it was a high pitch groan I am sure. It surprised me but it felt so good. I stayed hard and she kept jacking me wanting me to come again. I never did, though she said I should have more. Hell It was my first time. We had to shower again as the soap was beginning to dry. I think I jacked all night till I fell asleep. The next morning I woke to my sister who pulled back the sheets to my morning erection. She just took the liberty with out asking and started on me. The average boy your age does this three or four times a day. The average boy my age is twice my size and has bigger everything. Ouch you hurt me I said. The skin up here on the end see how red it is. Its split and bleeding you pulled down to hard. So my sister went to the kitchen and asked for a antibiotic cream from the foster parents. In an half hour I was in an emergency room. Remember I am real shy. Well the nurse Smiled and told the foster parents I would live! This tear may work its way back or it may just be fine ,its only fore skin she said. When he grows up and has sex will it bother him my sister asked, as I clutched her arm standing there with my pants down. Just then a lady doctor walked in and started examining me. I got real hard real fast and the cut at the end opened up some. Does that hurt she asked. I nodded as I hid my face behind my sisters arm. You need to leave the doctor told my sister. The Doctor said this will never heal at his age. How many erections will this boy have a day twenty? The nurse knelt down while I was hard, how about a couple stitches? That should fix it, she whispered to the Doctor. Lets just cut it off he will thank us later and we can keep him here over night. I grabbed my penis and screamed my sisters name and ran for the door. The big doctor lady held me and I kept screaming. He is loosing it, let him go said the nurse. Which only made me scream more. An orderly came in and held me while the Doctor gave me a shot. I only remember coming to and my sister sitting on my bed still in the emergency room. I woke up both hands tied down. With tears in my eyes I asked her did they cut it off! They said they were going to. My sister just said, its Ok its for the best. NO I want it back. I still have a penis? I came in and you were going under. I asked a lot of questions and I gave the go ahead. They took me home a few hours later and I stayed home from school a few days until the soreness wore off. My foster parents watched as my sister changed dressings every day and the lady doctor gave me a clean bill of health some few days latter. That evening my sister had KY jelly and came to my room. Lets see how it works? She tenderly masturbated me. It felt so different. She was so worried, she would hurt me. Well I was reading all about girls and female anatomy while I was home. Let me tell you it is so un-male to read about sex with out getting a hard on. It is no fun and like reading math or science. I was unaffected by my beautiful sister running around naked here and there. I was told to masturbate gently and with KY jelly only once a day by the lady doctor. So my sister and I jacked me off for a month. I came out of the shower and my sister was on the pot. Turn around she said. She was putting on a Pad. My mom wants to see my penis

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  1. So one night, like two months ago, I was getting really pissed off at my mother for keeping me awake so I stormed into her room. Its all a new feeling you know. Normally you kiss and touch the girl, before you sleep with her.

  2. She covered us up and walked out. Then she said your my brother. She looked at my soft little penis with just had peach fuzz for pubic hair.

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