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Good Morning My Love.... ♥ ♥

My love good morning

Monday, August 06, Hi there friends! Hope you're doing well. What are you up to? I've been staying indoors, the air is smoky from all the California wildfires. Most of the time I have my phone in my hand waiting for updates from Elizabeth about her situation in Murphys she's safe so far and walking around my house figuring out ways to avoid any housework. I have a million white tops so I always wear an apron. I'm constantly leaning into something so I always put on an apron when it comes time to clean. Elizabeth made this for me for Christmas one year, and I love it. Love the fussy cut vintage tablecloth. Elizabeth is such a talented seamstress. It's super cute on. And it looks perfect hanging up in my kitchen. Which is where it went about 5 minutes after this photo because duh, you can't do dirty stuff in this apron. I am trying to use stuff and not save it but some stuff needs to be saved. What's up with you? I can hardly believe it! Thanks to Fat Quarter Shop and Lori for inviting me to play along! Don't worry, Lori isn't out of cute ideas! That fall quilt and the new Vintage Christmas book will be here before you know it! Thanks for the cute recap of the year Fat Quarter Shop! I can't believe it's August already, and as I'm sure I've mentioned before, time is flying by at a record pace. My sewing room is still a mess and stuff is all over the place, but I did manage to get a couple of Moda Blockhead Blocks done. They're the easy ones of course. This little chubby plus block is by quilting idol Laurie Simpson and you can find it here. Mine looks a little funky due to the fact that I had to lean way over some crap to cut it out. Not all that accurate considering it's all squares and rectangles. It was fun to dig thru my larger scrap box for some older PKM fabrics like that red. In my renewed effort to use things I've been saving , get a load of this pretty ironing board cover! It was a gift a least at year ago if not more Lets see how long it lasts. In the mean time ignore that crap that's normally behind the curtain. Anyway soon enough the inspections etc will be done and things can return to it's normal level of chaos. Hope you have a great weekend pals! I can't believe we're nearing the end of July. Time seems to move at a pretty fantastic rate these days. I'm already behind 3 Moda Blockheads2 blocks, but I managed to throw together this little pineapple by Jan Patek yesterday in the blink of an eye. It's a sweet little thing. I left off the little ribs that you can see in Jan's design, mostly because I was lazy. They're a cute addition. With projects like these I have a tendency to end up with a random mishmash of things that I don't necessarily like in the end. Is there a secret to this? Am I on the only one who doesn't know it? I probably should have read the instructions better. Whatever, I like making the blocks and maybe someday all these blocks will be treasure discovered in a bag at a garage sale or a thrift store. I just enjoy making them one at a time and if they don't turn into anything else then no biggy, they've already served their purpose. I'm really not up to much else. Just normal day stuff. Drinking coffee, doing the laundry. Summer is progressing along here. My air conditioning is back and better than ever. Nothing is put away though, they still need to replace all the ducting under the house next week. It's been years, right? Anyway Frankie and I acquired some of the cute celebratory tins courtesy of her friend Martin. My tins have been in protective custody since then. I don't know about you, but I have a habit of putting things in cold storage saving them for later. Well I'm no spring chicken and it's later now. Time to start using things, right? Imagine Frankie's surprise when she's cleaning out my stuff when I head to the great sewing room in the sky and she finds this stuff. She wisely began using her tins immediately. Most of the time she's able to fight the saving-for-later-gene and use her things. Most of the time.. They're cute and I'm glad I have a blog post to refer back to when I need to find where my stuff is. In the mean time that's just a fraction of the stuff on my sewing table. No flat surface is safe with me around. How was the holiday for you? It was a nice time here. Bret took a few days off here and there and the week passed quickly. I have spent some time filling up all the empty pots in my back yard with flowers. We spent the time sewing and hanging out with some quilt shop shopping, lunching, tv watching thrown in. It's always a good time there and I'm sad to leave. Nanette worked on baskets, you can see them here and here. I made a pot, we used the freezer paper template method. I worked on my butterflies. Since then I did sit down and sew them into rows but that's as far as I got. I made two more Moda Blockheads2 blocks. I had to stop everything to prepare for new air conditioning here. That's what's keeping me going on these hot days. I'm not even going to complain that access to the crawl space and attic area are in my sewing room which means a bunch of stuff needs to be moved out of there. I am going to complain but it will be half hearted at best. This will eventually turn into a pillow, but sewing isn't that fun in the heat so it's on hold for now. I hope you're doing well! It was so great catching up with you earlier this week. I loved your comments, Chris knows I always think of her when it comes to complaining about weather! And it's always nice to catch up with Suzanne. She's started a new blog and you should check it out. Coffee with friends, that's always how I have though about this blog. I couldn't help myself. It's tempting to make a whole series of fruit coasters, lemons would be so cute. I can see Suzanne making them and tying them onto gifts of coordinating beverages. I also felt like you could increase the size for a cute potholder. I was on a happy sewing day so I pulled out my slotted trimmer and got to busy on half square triangles. I'm not the best piecer when it comes to triangles and this set of slotted trimmers really helps me out. The Moda Blockheads 2 sew along started, they're on week 2 already. The piles of orphan blocks around here is huge but I couldn't resist the Me and My Sister's post about their block. It looked quick and fun, and it was! I wasn't sure I'd even consider making more blocks, but then I was so happy sewing I had to make the first block. A bit more of a challenge. Not the best matching when it came to those green units and the squares they butt up to but I'm cool with it. There are so many great quilts out there, check out the hashtag here. My love good morning

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  1. The boys were having fun on the gym set and the other equipment while I sat on a bench nearby and read.

  2. Is there a secret to this? We were squatting side by side. Jordan's dad was there too, since we were all 10 years old Henry being an exception, he was 11 at the time and needed somebody to look after us.

  3. I had a quick pee and then relaxed my ass. He said "Matt, do you need to poop? Elizabeth made this for me for Christmas one year, and I love it.

  4. Not all that accurate considering it's all squares and rectangles. Just to make sure, I took one more swipe and I got a little more off me. Of course what always holds me up?

  5. Pete the poop Desperate m and s poo I was out shopping today and we decided to go for a coffee. I sighed, it felt so good to finally poop after not doing it for 3 days. We just took the roll of toilet paper and went away.

  6. I'm constantly leaning into something so I always put on an apron when it comes time to clean.

  7. There were no toilets at the campsite and the only option was to go behind a bush or on the floor. So I was on a camping trip with my friends Jordan and Henry.

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