Messy bob with bangs. 60 Trendy Hair Cuts for Women: Best Hairstyles Inspiration.

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Messy bob with bangs

Try out one of these 18 hot and flawless angled bob hairstyles that will really take your bob to the next level. She takes her luminescent locks and adds plenty of volume on top, adding just a touch of flip to her bangs for some perky attitude while the rest is left sexy, slick straight. These simple Hollywood curls look great on her super-angled light blonde bob, creating a very dazzling finish that can be dressed up or down with ease. Via Stacked Bob A rather simple haircut , this stacked bob is brought to life with tons of layers in all shapes and sizes as well as a fabulous blend of lowlights and highlights. Via Sleek Straight Major Angle Why settle for a simple angle when you can make your locks more extreme with an intense, sharp angle like this? She cuts it short in the back, leading to a very lengthy front that surrounds her face beautifully. Leaving her dark brown mane sleek straight , she creates a modern and chic finish. She goes from long and boring to angled and cute, adding some very coquettish lovely loose curls. Via Short Waves and Blunt Bangs Starting with a super short angled bob, she revs up her look with plenty of bouncy volume by use of messy waves. These lovely waves make her highlights stand out like no other, a great option for girls who really want to take over the room. She finishes off her look with some chic blunt bangs for an all around awesome appearance. Then consider switching up your color to a bright, seductive red like this! She adds some seriously hot volume to her look with just a hint of curl, leaving them extra loose and unkempt. Via Trendy Colored Angled Bob For women who crave the latest trends , we highly recommend this hairstyle. In this look, you transform your regular locks into a stylish masterpiece with a simple ombre from dark purple to auburn. Leave them straight and sweep bangs to the side for a casual yet on-trend look. Her jet black mane is a show-stopper as it is, but she takes her locks to the next level with an extreme angled bob haircut and polished blunt bangs to match. Add dark eyeliner and red hot lips for a very enticing look. Via Lengthy Angled Bob with Curl Perfect for women over 50 who want to keep their locks on the short side while still maintaining some body, this lengthy angled bob allows you to keep plenty of length, great for curling like we see here. Very classy for mature women! Via Textured Angle Bob Her angle is kept very soft and delicate, which in itself is an adorable hairstyle. Via Super Lengthy Bob with Waves: Long Bob Hairstyles Leaving the front of this bob extra lengthy, just below the shoulder, this particular cut barely passes for a bob- but it does, and we do LOVE it! She brightens up her complexion with stunning light blonde coloring, while her incredibly lengthy locks come to life with some delicate waves. Via Ombre with Curls Love ombre? Of course you do! Super trendy and chic, this hairstyle includes the on-trend purple hair color at the roots, leading to some very light brown ends for an all around enticing style. Via Ombre Half Curls Another interesting yet totally cool take on the classic ombre hair coloring, she leaves her roots naturally dark brown while the bottom half of her mane is brightened up with some intense dark green hues. With a toss of curls to the green area, this look is totally fab. Some messy waves, or some luscious volumptuous curls? Messy bob with bangs

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  1. Apply styling serum to damp hair. Style hair with a curl paste for movable, matte waves, and introduce a touch of warm highlight to a brunette base to amp things up.

  2. Straighten small sections of your hair piece-by-piece to add gentle waves, and finish with a setting spray. Have a thorough consultation with your stylist if you are considering this cut, and enjoy this fresh summer look!

  3. This cut is great for heart shaped and oval faces and either straight or slightly wavy hair.

  4. If you have an oval, heart or square shaped face, this cut is perfect for you. This cut and style will make anyone with fine or thin hair look thicker and fuller.

  5. Tease your crown with a bit of hairspray and a gentle back-combing motion to add some height, and create a deep side part for a bit of interest.

  6. Keep one side of your bob short and close to the head, and the other long. The multiple layered levels create some added visual interest, plus make it quick and easy to style…for the babe who means business.

  7. My favorite thing about it is that it is simple and carefree! Using the lowest heat setting for your hair type, smooth hair and bangs with a flat iron.

  8. Shoulder Length Waves A long messy bob is charming when worn as a free-flowing hairstyle, but with this length you can also pull your locks up and enjoy a variety of creative updos. This look so versatile and would suit many different people from a young insta model to a mom that wants a bit of style without all the hard work.

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