Letter of apology to my wife. Apology Letter for Mistake – Work, Client, Teacher.

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Letter of apology to my wife

I am writing to ask you to apologies for not attending such occasion in your life. The reason was that i was invited to my cousin wedding one week before. As well I was overload whole week at work and I forgot to inform you that I will not attend you birthday. Nuri Wednesday, February 11, at Hope you enjoyed your day. I am writing to apologize for not attending your birthday. I had put your date of birth on my smartphone to remind me. However, I lost my phone on Sunday before that when I went clubbing with my workmates. Thus, until now I have not updated and obtained all information on my new phone. By the way, there is a gathering dinner at my house on this weekend. I would like to invite you to take a part in our dinner since we will celebrate your birthday again as well as the coming Chinese New Year. Looking forward to your reply. Phong Friday, February 13, at I absolutely know the importance that you give to such a special day. Let me explain why I was not able to be there and how I am going to make it up for you. On Saturday afternoon, I went to downtown to buy you a birthday present and was planning to come to your place right away. I had my time to visit many shops and finally picked up one gigantic teddy bear for you as a gift. I thought it will not be that difficult to carry it to my car and unfortunately I was wrong. After snowy weather last week, all the sidewalks were iced as you know. I slid and fell right on to the teddy bear and hit my head to a tree. When I was awake it was Sunday afternoon. The good news is I have no injuries or serious health issues according to my doctors. The bad news is I can not say the same thing for the teddy bear. I promise when they release me I will organise a joint party for my recovery and your birthday. I apologise again for missing your birthday celebration party and hope to see you soon on a sunny day: Alp Saturday, February 21, at How is your study going on? I am sure you are very angry with me because I was not there. I am very very sorry for this my friend. Now I am telling you the reason of my absence. One of my cousins, who lives in New York, gave me a call on last Sunday that she was on the way to visit us. She requested me to receive her in airport on Monday at 4: I could not say 'no' to her because she has come after 10 years and she is not only my cousin, but also my childhood friend. So I was compelled to go to the airport with my parents and we reached home at 8: For this reason I could not attend your birthday party. Now I am inviting you on next Friday at our home because we are going to organize a dinner party where you can meet my cousin. Please try to take a part there. I am sorry again for missing your party. Hope you will not miss my party. Clara Rakhi Gomes Sunday, March 29, at I thought you will be okay. I write this letter because I want to apologize that I can't make to come for your birthday. I'm really sorry about that. I couldn't come because I had terrible problem. Last week my boss suddenly asked me to went out the town to met a investor for our company. I can't deny it because I'm the new employee in my company, if I could'nt do it, I will get fire and I can make a call or texting with you because the area is remmoted far from the big city, I'm so hard to find a signal of my mobile phone. I hope you will be understand that, I'm really sorry For my apology, I want to take you with for short holiday in Bali next weekend, don't worry about fee I will threat you because you have a birthday. I am sorry ebzan, please contact me as soon as possible Regards, Posted by: Dwi Ariyantoni Nugroho Wednesday, June 24, at Linh Chi Thursday, July 09, at It was very depressed for me as well that i could not attend the important event, so sad! All should be blamed was the unexpectedly urgent meeting when i was on the way to your home. I assumed that it should be finished soon, on the contrary, many issues were discussed and tons of arguments were made. Worse was that i need recorded all minutes down and sent them out immediately once the meeting finished. I was so pushed that even no time allowed to give you a call. May I have your honour this time to organise another big dinner with our guys to celebrate your birthday. I will take my gift for your birthday and this time I promise that I will not miss the party anyway. I am looking forward your prompt response. Best Regards, Posted by: Dylan Wednesday, July 22, at You know i have started my new software business and on last friday there was a deadline of one of the project and i could not finish that by deadline so the client were annoyed and given me 2 days more so i did hard to finish that task. This project not given me time to think about other important work. I want to compulsate my biggest mistake so i would like to arrange a party at my home and i want to invite you and your family. Letter of apology to my wife

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  1. Following each offense, note how it made her feel. The goal is to write simply and to the point.

  2. She believes him to be self-centered and unloving because of the way he has neglected or treated her. Wife-oriented sentence Everyday after work you took care of the kids and the house while I played with my Xbox or watched TV.

  3. I apologise again for missing your birthday celebration party and hope to see you soon on a sunny day: Are you in trouble at work?

  4. All should be blamed was the unexpectedly urgent meeting when i was on the way to your home. Are your customers looking to your competitors for help?

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