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The band agreed and reunited with Ezrin after 10 years and the debacle they had with Music from "The Elder". Gene Simmons was not sure it was the right move, "especially after the bad experience of The Elder". It was good enough for the band to continue with Ezrin on a Hot in the Shade follow-up. Carr went to the hospital and was diagnosed with heart cancer. He underwent open-heart surgery in April to remove tumors. According to Simmons, Carr had lost all his hair due to chemotherapy and had to wear a wig for the shoot. Kiss's original plan was for Singer to play drums with the band until Carr was healthy enough to return. Unfortunately, Carr's health continued to decline--and he died in November Kiss brought in Singer as their new drummer. In December , Kiss and Ezrin returned to the studio to work on a new album. In a surprising move, they sought help from former guitarist Vinnie Vincent. According to Simmons, "Vinnie Vincent came up to me and apologized for causing the band all the grief while he was a member. He wanted to patch things up and wondered if I would consider writing some songs with him. I wanted to let bygones be bygones. I called Paul and told him that Vinnie had apparently changed. Paul wrote songs with him as well. But before the album was released, Vinnie was up to his old tricks again. He reneged on a signed deal we had made and decided that he wanted to renegotiate. He eventually sued us and lost. As far as I was concerned, he was persona non grata forever. Stanley said about the exclusion of the song from the album: As good as the song is, we didn't need it. That was never made, so the two wrote a song in L. Simmons went to work with Bob Dylan. The music was written at Simmons's guesthouse, and while Simmons was to write the lyrics to the song, he thought they were not completed and asked Dylan to write them. Dylan insisted that Simmons write the lyrics. Simmons explained the meeting with Dylan: So, like most things I do, I bullheadedly picked up the phone, tracked down his manager, and said, 'Hi, I'm that guy who sticks his tongue out, and I wanna write a song with Dylan,' or words to that effect. The results could only be 'yes' and 'no. He came over to my house a few years back, and we sat down and started throwing ideas around. Lyrics weren't written as yet. I demoed the track with Tommy Thayer. Bob came down to visit and listen. When the demo was done, I asked Bob to write the lyric. He said no, why don't I write it. I have tried to write a meaningful lyric, but it has eluded me. I've bumped into Bob a few times KISS, you write it. The recording of the album was finished in March During the Kissology Volume Two: It reached Top 30 in five countries: United Kingdom and Germany, where it reached 26; [11] [15] Netherlands, where it reached 28; [16] Sweden, where the song reached 19 [14] and Norway, where "Unholy" reached its highest, 2. Kiss my asshole

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  2. Standing up, I knew what I would do: My eyes were a bit watery from gulping down so much, so quickly and as I sat back on my heels after removing her hand from the water, I understood that I was now a fully addicted piss-slut, that sex would practically be incomplete if I could never experience "watersports" again. According to Simmons, Carr had lost all his hair due to chemotherapy and had to wear a wig for the shoot.

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