I promise you i am always there. Narcissistic Sisters Always Betray You.

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I promise you i am always there

Now is a great time to try new things and meet new friends. Meet with your guidance counselor to map out a preliminary plan for your high school career. Make your studies a priority. Start a savings account for post-secondary schooling. Even a few dollars each week will make a difference. To qualify for the MC Promise Scholarship, you will need 40 hours of community service by the end of senior year. Look for something YOU find meaningful and get involved. It also looks great on college applications! Think about getting a part time job on the weekends. Build that savings account! Meet with your guidance counselor early in the year to make any adjustments to your high school plan—you should always be tweaking it—and you should always be willing to switch gears to study what truly interests YOU. Pay close attention to your GPA. Classes will begin to get harder this year. You will need a 2. Take the PSAT 10 test. Most schools have video tours of their schools, so you can visit virtually to get a general feeling of a school. You will begin to receive mail from colleges after you have taken the PSAT Who will pay for college? How much can you afford? Make a list of those you will apply for next year and if they require an essay, start writing rough drafts. Sign up for an account on Cappex. You may find a school you have never heard of—which becomes your future home. Keep studying, saving money, and volunteering. Check in with your guidance counselor regularly, even if it is just to say hi. You may not need any changes to your high school plan at this point, but you will need to have a relationship with your counselor. It is really hard to write a glowing recommendation for someone they only see once a year. Speaking of letters of recommendation. Begin thinking about teachers, administrators, volunteer coordinators, coaches, bosses. Who knows you well enough to write a recommendation? You will need recommendations for college applications and for many scholarship applications. A good recommendation can make the difference between an acceptance and a denial. Start visiting college campuses. There are many right here in our backyard…visit them on a random weekend day. Write, revise, rewrite and revise. Make those essays shine. Junior year has traditionally been considered one of the hardest years in high school—set your mind to being successful this year and you will be. Get ready for Senior year! You are almost there. Seniors, it is time to apply for the Michigan City Promise Scholarship. The application will be available late fall. It is still summer so you should have plenty of time to work on it. Start filling out the application and finalize that essay you wrote this summer. Senior year is about to start and time will fly by. November 1 is the priority application deadline at most universities for maximum consideration for financial aid and scholarships. There are approximately 2. Computer systems are notorious for crashing at deadline time. Get those applications finished and turned in early!!!! Meet with your guidance counselor to verify you are on track to graduate. Make a copy of the confirmation email you receive and attach it to your Promise Scholarship application. Finish your 40 high school volunteer hours. Then you can start on the 40 hours you will need for the Promise Scholarship that are due Aug Begin asking those you would like to write recommendation letters if they are willing. Remember…a great rec can mean the difference between a YES and a NO…give your recommender plenty of time to write a letter that will help get you the YES. Beyond the typical, here are some random, but important, things to consider when thinking about schools: When you visit the school, can you picture yourself going there? Most people eat at least times a day. Dining hall food is more important than you might think. Would you feel safe living on the campus and walking around the campus at night after a late study session at the library? Is it a commuter campus? If you are not a commuter, will the campus empty out on the weekends? If you apply to a reach school and you are not admitted, it is ok. Or maybe you got in, but were not awarded enough aid to afford the school. With thousands of US schools to choose from, there are plenty that would love to have you as a student, plenty that will meet your financial need, and plenty where you can be very happy. So cast a wide net and be open to different opportunities. Keep an open mind! Even so, I urge you to apply to a couple of schools that do not fit the profile, but that you find interesting for one reason or another. I have often seen students respond to a college very differently once they have been admitted in the spring than they did when visiting the prior summer. Students change in some important ways during their senior year in high school as they look outward to the rest of their lives, and they learn a great deal about colleges along the way. Give yourself the option in the spring of heading in a direction you did not anticipate in the fall. Finally, once you have finished your applications, relax. You will very probably gain admission to some of your chosen colleges. You will probably have a few campuses to revisit as you make your final selection. You will also be prepared to attend college with the understanding that its rank does not correlate with what you are going to do there and how fulfilling the experience will be. What you accomplish in college — and in the years after — will instead be a function of how well you engage the incredible variety of opportunities and challenges that college presents. Click below to download the form to complete your new or returning application. Application for Returning Scholars Step 2: Print and submit the confirmation page to include with your scholarship application. Click below to download the form to complete your 40 hours of community service and submit verified hours with application. If parent is not legal guardian, provide proof of legal guardianship. Once available, get copy of official final transcript from the Michigan City High School registrar office. Cumulative grade point average GPA must be 2. All above steps must be completed no later than the Michigan City Promise Scholarship deadline of June 8, at 5: Click below to download form to complete your 40 hours of community service and submit verified hours with application. Check back periodically, as we are continually updating volunteer opportunities. I promise you i am always there

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  5. Click below to download form to complete your 40 hours of community service and submit verified hours with application.

  6. Pyramid Power in action! My mother is psychologically fused with my sister and doesnt see her wrong doing in any of this so I actually feeel betrayed by her too which has caused a rift in my relationship with her. Build that savings account!

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