How to shoot a jump shot. Shot (ice hockey).

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Ray Allen and The Art of the Jump Shot

How to shoot a jump shot

Shovel[ edit ] The shovel shot also referred to as a flip shot is the simplest and most basic shot in a shooter's arsenal. Its execution is simply a shoveling motion to push the puck in the desired direction, or a flick of the puck be it on the forehand, backhand, or in a spearing motion. Players typically resort to shovelling the puck to push loose pucks past a sprawling, or out-of-position goaltender. Wrist[ edit ] The wrist shot is executed by positioning the puck toward the heel-middle of the blade. From that position the shooter rolls his back wrist quickly, while thrusting the puck forward with the bottom hand. As the blade propels the puck forward the movement of the wrist rolls the puck toward the end of the blade, causing the puck to spin. The tightness of the spin of the puck has an effect much like the spin a quarterback puts on their football pass, resulting in more accuracy. The puck is aimed with the follow-through of the shot, and will typically fly perfectly in the direction of the extension of the stick, resulting in an extremely accurate shot. At the same time, the stick flexes, so the moment the puck is released from the stick, the snap of the stick will propel the puck forward at high speeds. Snap[ edit ] The snap shot is a combination of both the slap-shot and the wrist shot. The shooter begins by cocking the stick back like a slap-shot however with not such an exaggerated motion , and finishes with a flicking of the wrist like a wrist shot. The resulting shot has more speed than a wrist shot, while increasing the time it takes to release the shot, balancing its effectiveness. Many consider Joe Sakic to be the father of the modern snapshot, as he demonstrated incredible scoring ability while utilizing this quick-release shot throughout his career. He much preferred it to the wrist shot, which he was less known for. During his career, Phil Kessel has perfected a variation of the snap shot where the player transfers their weight to their "puck foot", or "back foot", and shoot in stride. He has used this to become one of the NHL's most dangerous shooters. Slapshot[ edit ] The slapshot is the hardest, yet most telegraphed , shot. The player draws their stick back away from the puck, then forcefully brings it forward to strike the ice just behind the puck 5—10 inches behind puck. This causes energy to be stored in the stick as it flexes against the ice. When the stick finally contacts the puck, the energy stored in the stick is transferred to the puck, providing additional force that would not otherwise be possible by hitting the puck directly. The height and positioning of the follow-through determines the trajectory of the puck. Backhand[ edit ] The backhand shot is a wrist shot released from the back of the blade, and on the player's backhand. This shot is not as powerful or accurate as any of the other shots, but often comes unexpectedly. Players can also take backhand slapshots. Backhand shots are primarily taken close to the goal, and are most commonly used on breakaways. One timer[ edit ] The one timer can be any of the above shots, when fired in a continuous motion off an incoming pass. One player passes the puck to another, and while the pass is incoming the player chooses not to stop the puck, instead firing it as it reaches the shooter. This is the lowest accuracy shot, but makes up for it in the difficulty it creates for a goaltender to properly position himself to defend against it. Due to the elasticity of the rubber albeit frozen puck, it can also generate significantly more energy, giving it more speed and faster elevation. When executed as a slapshot also called a one-time-slapshot and finding its way into the goal, it is often known as a "goal-scorers goal" due to the difficulty of the timing and placement of the shot. Shot on goal[ edit ] A shot on goal is a scoring attempt. A count of how many shots are taken by a team is kept and this is often used as rough guide to which team is being more aggressive and dominant. A scoring attempt in hockey as opposed to soccer is officially counted as a shot only when it is directed on goal, resulting in a goal or requiring the goaltender to make a save. The numbers of shots and saves in a game are especially relevant to goaltenders, whose save percentage is based on how many shots did not get past them. The number of shots taken by skaters and the percentage on which they score is also measured, but these numbers are generally given less weight. Some shots on goal are considered more likely to result in a goal and are called scoring chances. How to shoot a jump shot

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  1. You want all of your stroke going into the cueball. When using the pendulum stroke you push you hand down on the final stroke which lifts the tip up. Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.

  2. Run this drill at game speed for a set time or until you make a certain number of shots. There is also a minimum amount that is needed and is learned through practice. As shown in the picture to the right, your guide hand stays to the side and does not influence the flight of the ball.

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  4. We prefer an open stance, but you can also use the closed squared stance if that's more comfortable for you.

  5. When they win, we feel their triumph. From the right and left block, perform a drop step using any move you want.

  6. Have a look at the best shots below: Run this drill at game speed for a set time, or until you sink a predetermined number of shots.

  7. Using the laws of physics, it's possible to make a jumpshot in basketball every time. Your elbow should be positioned comfortably under the ball.

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