How to make your eyes look black. How To Handle Fear and Fear Aggression in Dogs.

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How to make your eyes look black

Fear aggression, however, is MUCH more common. There are actually about 21 different forms of aggression. Not all fearful or fearfully aggressive dogs bite, they may only growl or bark aggressively in situations that upset them. These dogs generally react inappropriately when they sense an intrusion and worsen if they feel cornered. Many people feel that fearful or fearfully aggressive dogs have been abused or have otherwise suffered from some extremely traumatic event. While this logic is reasonable and understandable, more times than not it is because something did NOT happen. That something is socialization. Improper socialization can make accepting new things difficult when dogs become adults. Anything from a blowing leaf to hats to men to only men with beards, etc…. Socialization is SO important! Signs of fear and fear aggression include head held low, wrinkling of the nose, lips curled with many teeth front teeth and back teeth showing as the corners of the mouth are pulled back, ears are back and usually pinned to the head, raised hackles, tail tucked, body lowered, and possibly fast panting. The body language with dominance aggression differs in the following ways: See the diagrams at the end of this post for examples. It is paramount to differentiate between these 2 forms of aggression because they are treated VERY differently. If you approach a fearful dog the same way you approach a dominant dog, you will likely end up with a fearfully aggressive dog that will eventually bite. Once a dog figures this out, it can be really difficult to teach them otherwise, not impossible, but very difficult. There are many triggers that can cause a fearful response. Approaches from dogs and people are very common triggers. Many dogs show a fearful, or excessively submissive response to people they know all of their lives. I must say, in all fairness to dogs out there, that many people just bring this response on themselves. A large number of people greet dogs in a very threatening and unnatural way when looking through the eyes of the dog. Guess what folks, a dog that is fearful in this context is displaying normal canine behavior. When one dogs sees another one and BOTH want to meet, the approach will not be a direct beeline, it will occur in more of an arc, or c-shaped direction. Next is the doggie hand shake. Nose to butt, not nose to nose. There is a greater chance of the greeting not going so well if it starts nose to nose in two dogs that are tense and excited. Next, they sniff each others flank area side of the body just in front of the rear legs. See the difference between how 2 dogs greet each other compared to how people greet dogs? Their movements are uncoordinated and clumsy, and older arthritic dogs commonly display pain aggression because of this. Children can also be at eye level with many dogs and make direct eye contact and stare, which can be viewed as a treat by any dog. Speaking of children making bad decisions…. There was a young to mid age St. Bernard, no issues ever, a family dog. It was all over the news. People freaked out and wanted to give away or euthanize their St. Well, come to find out, the kid had jammed a pencil into the dogs ear. Moral of the story? Noises and noise phobias can certainly create a fearful response. Many dogs are just naturally timid and fearful and will have difficulty accepting new things. Again, socialization can help to either avoid or at the very least decrease the degree of fear that a dog experiences. Your veterinarians office is another place that can illicit a very strong fear response. We vets in the eyes of your dog , I tell ya, are up to no good. What your dog sees is a change in you from a relatively relaxed body posture to one of concern. The best thing to do is remain calm and avoid eye contact with him. This is a big reason why I can examine dogs that many other vets need to muzzle without a muzzle. Plus I know how to speak to them with my body language: When fear turns into fear aggression a bite is the next logical progression. Many fearful dogs go though years of giving fear signals and warning signals only to have them ignored, challenged, or suppressed. A common way that fear aggression develops through the suppression of warning signals such as growling and baring of teeth. Most people misinterpret these two displays as a threat or challenge that the dogs is giving them. You got it, a bite. These dogs often bite from behind, as you are turning to walk away or as you are walking away. They also often will bite when they are cornered or when they are hiding under a chair or table and are being reached for to be pulled out. There are many signals that dogs give us when they are uncomfortable. These signals are called displacement behaviors, or calming signals. They are very subtle, and many of them are either missed or misinterpreted. Head Turning — The turn can be to either side, right or left. It can occur in a number of contexts, such as an approach from another dog or you pointing a camera at your dog. It can occur quickly and he looks forward again or the turn can be prolonged and held. Squinting — This is a way of looking in the direction of something, someone, or another dog without making eye contact. Turning Away — This is just a further progression of head turning that involves turning of the entire body. Licking of The Lips or Nose — This will be quick, often missed, and is very common. It is like a flick of the tongue, but can be more deliberate. Freezing — Stopping all movements Walking Slowly — Movement continues here, but they are in slow motion and are very deliberate. Yawning — Most people associate this with being tired. Sniffing — Sudden sniffing either of the air or a spot on the ground. This one is almost always missed or misinterpreted because this is what dogs do! They like to sniff things, but in the context where something is making them uncomfortable, it is displacement behavior. A C-shape approach is less threatening. Lifting of One Paw — This is often used in conjunction with other signals, either while sitting or standing. So, what to do, oh what to do? I want to talk about what NOT to do first. Many people feel that all you need to do is bring the dog to the object or place him in the context that causes fear and keep him there until he is no longer afraid. This is called flooding and, more times than not, has disastrous consequences. It can be very difficult to prevent a dog from escaping when he fears for his life or his safety. If you fail, and many more times than not people do fail, to will have taught him to be even more afraid than he already was AND you have damaged the trust he had in you. Trust in a fearful dog is like gold, expensive and hard to come by. The cornerstones of treatment are desensitization and counter-conditioning DCC. During the DCC program it is important to NOT expose your dog to any of the stimuli that he is afraid of unless you are controlling the presentation. Then, you reward your dog for remaining calm. Start by carefully analyzing the situation that you want to work on. Think about it step by step from start to finish. As you do this, be very aware of what triggers your dog. You want to be aware of the trigger as early in the process as possible. Say your dog is relaxed, ears down but not pinned to his head , panting normally with a relaxed jaw, and tail level. Then, all of a sudden he looks up, stops panting, ears go up, tail stiffens and goes up OR tucks, and then the fearful behavior begins. Duration is the next variable. At first let him see the stimulus, reward him for being relaxed, then make the stimulus go away or distract your dog and reward him again if he focuses on you and not the stimulus. Over time, first allow for a greater duration of exposure, then start to close the distance. It is important not to rush because if he gets really frightened during the process he can loose ground. General Rules to Follow Avoid all situations that lead to aggression during the behavior modification process. Dogs are very intelligent and they are masters at reading body language. They will learn things from every interaction. We do not want a dog that is learning to trust to have a reason to regret trusting. It will be that much more difficult to get it back after something like that. Never reach over a fearful dog, especially if he is cornered or has no escape. Never disturb a fearful dog when he sleeping. Ask company to cooperate with you and avoid situations that make your dog uncomfortable. This can be very difficult when dealing with family members that think they know better. How to make your eyes look black

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