How to forgive a spouse. Forgiveness: It’s Not What You Think.

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How to Forgive Your Spouse

How to forgive a spouse

God is our Healer!! If you do not believe that then this eBook is NOT for you. Are you hurting, angry and resentful because your spouse committed adultery? These are normal feelings to have after finding out your spouse has been with another person sexually, intimately and emotionally. Having a successful marriage after adultery has four main aspects that need special attention, they are: Both husband and wife need to work at this. The cheater needs to be accountable and the one who did not cheat needs to accept and trust spouse again. The truth is you will never forget and there will be times that the pain will come back into your emotional bank but that doesn't mean to keep throwing stones at your repentant spouse. We cover these issues and more in How to Forgive a Cheating Spouse. Plus we also talk about if the adulterer keeps committing adultery or won't leave an affair. What is God's will for you in this instance? Find out what God wants you to do if your spouse wants a divorce or won't stop cheating. Perhaps you are the one who cheated on your spouse and are seeking to be forgiven so you can move on with your life and marriage. The root of the problem is we need to give our lives to God Perhaps you are the one who cheated on your spouse and are seeking to be forgiven so you can move on with your life and marriage. The root of the problem is we need to give our lives to God for inner healing. We all need inner healing at some point in our lives. If you have not yet given over your burdens to God than let this ebook encourage you to do so. Most people don't know that marriage belongs to God? They believe marriage is created for their own happiness and selfish desires, but that is not the way God designed marriage to be? God designed marriage for couples to serve one another in real love. This is your purpose for marriage. Not until couples start working together to bring the roles of marriage to the table can marriage be restored. Wives cheat because they feel intimately and emotionally separated from their husbands. Husbands cheat because they feel intimately and emotionally unattached to their wives. Who or what is causing the emotional bonds of marriage to break? Couples do it to themselves by NOT managing marriage according to its Creator!! Do you see how the world views immorality? Oh no, they have a script they must read and read it they do! Is this surprising to you? Well, it is not to us because we know what it takes to restore a bad marriage. Frank and I have already been there and done that. Yes, it is true that someone who has trouble keeping his or her marriage bed pure has an addiction and it can very well be called a syndrome, but what causes the addiction or the syndrome? To fix the root of the problem the addicted individual needs to seek inner healing, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—they need to fix themselves. No one can do that for them. They have to want to do that for themselves! Sex therapy is not going to repair years of wrong thinking and depravity within the heart and mind of an individual. So where does that leave you, the one who has been cheated on? It leaves you with the responsibility of taking care of YOU! Instead of making yourself the victim, look at this problem straight on and truly see who the victim is here.. It is the cheating spouse. You see, we create victimization in our selves by how we handle tribulations such as these in our marriage. You can do it God's way by applying the encouragement and advice from this eBook into your personal life and marriage, or you can do it your way. It's up to you. God Saves Marriages Some people think that we have some kind of quick magic to make marriage all better, but we can only listen, encourage, and guide you in the direction that we know is best for your marriage according to biblical principles. But you have to do the work!! It is by your efforts, putting God and your marriage first and working towards being the loving spouse God created you to be for each other that brings marital blessings. Only God can save marriage from adultery! Heaven Ministries offers tons of biblical based advice to arm you with the knowledge you need to heal yourself and restore your marriage, just like this ebook we have written. It's your greatest tool for getting your marriage where it belongs. Use all of our materials to assist you in your journey. You may also email us Frank or Angie at anytime you need one-on-one counseling. We will also counsel couples together peace, Frank and Angie PS God wants us to be rich in love, and healthy in our bodies and minds, but adultery and fornication cause us to be poor in love and sick in our bodies and minds. Do you see then, WHY God wants us to avoid adultery and fornication? Both will take away our health and wealth! Now then, my sons listen to me; do not turn aside from what I say. Keep to a path far from her. How to forgive a spouse

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  1. I just want you to be happy again and I want you to know that I do love you and that you your well being are the most important things to me right now. She was full of remorse and just sick over what her one action had done to her marriage.

  2. It looks toward a future of healing and hope. Frankly, I thought that she should stop pushing for forgiveness and focus instead on healing. Her head was swimming with lust.

  3. Reggie shrugged as both he and his wife hooked their thumbs in their suits and wiggled as they slid them down their legs and kicked them away. For the health of the marriage, it is essential that the excessive anger be eliminated.

  4. It took Lisa and Gregg a bit longer to relax and bask in the warmth of both the hot tub and the companionship, but relax they did. Or even 'that fucking idiot', but never had she asked anyone to fuck her.

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