How to file your nails oval. Acrylic Nail Preparation.

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Oval Shaped Nails Tutorial

How to file your nails oval

Squoval is one of the most popular choice among nail shapes. The style mirrors the natural shape of your nails. Squoval is a hybrid of two shapes: The bed takes a shape of a square with rounded out edges near the tips. This style is easy to maintain on shorter lengths. Keeping Cuticles Healthy Start by routinely putting oil on your cuticles every night before bed. Rub gently and make sure the oil is absorbed into each cuticle. This helps them grow stronger and healthier over time. Moisturize with lotion in the end. Keep nails strong by avoiding unnecessary stress using heavy detergents, old files, or dull clippers. Avoid using any harsh soaps. Always hand moisturize or hydrate using cream rich with Vitamin E. Your nails should mirror your cuticle line. Or get both square and oval with Squoval. Start filing straight across each tip, making a smooth, even line at the tip. Crystal nail files are becoming more and more popular. I recommend you getting one! Checking for Straight Even lines: After filing, compare each cuticle line to the tip of each nail. Make sure they are parallel and straight across, matching the line set by your cuticle. Now start smoothly shaping the corners of the nail. Be careful to file very slightly around the edges. Wash your hands with soap and finish with a hand moisturizer. Your hands are now ready for the manicure or polish. You can also keep them nude for a more natural look. Maintaining your Squoval Shape: The best and easiest way to keep your shape maintained is by filing and shaping any uneven lines on a weekly basis. While the tips should keep their shape, they may grow unevenly. You could dress squoval up to be professional, relaxed, or even sexy. For extra help, watch the video below this video describing how to achieve various shapes like almond, oval, and squoval. Play up your Squoval Shape optional Squoval can be professional or it can be playful and cute! Add glitter, sparkles or rainbow patterns to make your nails pop! Go wild and add multicolored or multilayered polish on your squoval nails! The best thing about this shape is that it can be dressed up or down. This shape is perfect for solid or nude colors too! The shape is easy and alluring, and it can perfectly reflect the unique personality and style of the girl who dons it. So to sum this all up- squoval is a beautiful shape but very difficult to maintain. Anyways, let us know below in the comments if this article help you achieve your squoval shape! I love what I do and I want to teach others that are just as passionate about this industry as I am. Visit my blog for more information. How to file your nails oval

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  1. Roll the tip down onto the nail plate, press and hold for 5 seconds or until an airtight bond occurs.

  2. This may take a few seconds longer than adhesive to cure, so do not release the pressure too early or proper adhesion will not occur. If this happens, wrap a small piece of cotton on the end of the orangewood stick, saturate it with remover and clean the enamel from the cuticle line and under the free edge. The difficulty is that nail growth will get limited with these nail shapes.

  3. Many technicians prefer to apply product on the skin and to form a free edge before either applying a tip or sculpting.

  4. Good housekeeping is a must! These procedures include the application of tips, acrylic liquid and powder systems, gel systems, sculpting on a form, any type of fabric wrap or the application of a full pre-formed artificial nail. Allow the paraffin to remain on the hands for 5 minutes.

  5. By carving out the sidewall of the tip, it eliminates the area of pressure and the tip will ride over the skin much like a saddle on a horse. Remove the terrycloth gloves, and using the plastic liner, remove the paraffin from the hands and fingers.

  6. Apply cuticle remover, oil or lotion all around the cuticle area if you so desire, then immerse the nails in the soaking dish for no more than 3 minutes. Immediately slide the tip onto the surface, butt the stop point to the free edge, then roll the tip onto the nail plate.

  7. Forcing the polish to quickly dry by using heat or chemical dryers will actually result in excessive shrinkage and cracking.

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