How to control body heat. What Is Normal Body Temperature?.

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How to reduce body heat naturally in Kannada

How to control body heat

Large quantities of burned bone and moderately heated soil lumps were found, and the cut marks found on the bones suggest that butchering and prey-defleshing took place near fireplaces. The extracts from the bones were determined to be characteristic of burned bone rather than manganese staining. These residues also showed IR spectra for oxides, and a bone that was turquoise was reproduced in the laboratory by heating some of the other bones found in Layer At the site, the same effect might have been due to natural heating, as the effect was produced on white, yellow, and black bones. Among these are possible hearths "represented by finely laminated silt and clay interbedded with reddish-brown and yellow brown fragments of organic matter, locally mixed with limestone fragments and dark brown finely laminated silt, clay and organic matter. Esteve-Janson , France have also shown evidence of use of fire by later versions of H. The oldest has been found in England at the site of Beeches Pit, Suffolk ; uranium series dating and thermoluminescence dating place the use of fire at , BP. At Torralba and Ambrona , Spain , objects such as Acheulean stone tools, remains of large mammals such as extinct elephants, charcoal, and wood were discovered. It acted as a source of warmth, making it easier to get through cold nighttime temperatures and allowing hominids to survive in colder environments, through which geographic expansion from tropical and subtropical climates to areas of temperate climates containing colder winters began to occur. The discovery of the use of fire and the sharing of the benefits of the use of fire may have created a sense of sharing as a group by the participation of gathering fire wood that may have become the first concept of taxation although not realized at the time [24] [25]. The use of fire continued to aid hominids at night by also acting as a means by which to ward off predatory animals. This caused a significant increase in hominid meat consumption and calorie intake. By starting wildfires, they were able to increase land fertility and clear large amounts of bushes and trees to make hunting easier. With fire, they were able to protect themselves from the terrain, and were also able to devise an entirely new way of hunting. Evidence of fire has been found in caves, suggesting that fire was used to keep the early hominids warm. This is significant, because it allowed them to migrate to cooler climates and thrive. This evidence also suggests that fire was used to clear out caves prior to living in them. In addition to protection from the weather, the discovery of fire allowed for innovations in hunting. Initially, early hominids used grass fires to hunt and control the population of pests in the surrounding areas. Tool and weapon making[ edit ] In addition to the many benefits that fire provided to early humans, it also had a major impact on the innovation of tool and weapon manufacturing. The use of fire by early humans as an engineering tool to modify the effectiveness of their weaponry was a major technological advancement. Researchers further uncovered environmental evidence that indicated early humans may have been waiting in nearby vegetation that provided enough concealment for them to ambush their prey. More recent evidence dating to approximately , years ago found that early humans living in South Africa in the Middle Stone Age used fire as an engineering tool to alter the mechanical properties of the materials they used to make tools and improve their lives. Researchers found evidence that suggests early humans applied a method of heat treatment to a fine-grained, local rock called silcrete. The evidence suggests that early humans probably used the modified tools for hunting or cutting meat from killed animals. Researchers postulate that this may have been the first time that the bow and arrow was used for hunting, an advancement that had a significant impact on how early humans may have lived, hunted, and existed as community groups. Scientists have discovered several small, 1 to 10 inch statues in Europe referred to as the Venus figurines. These statues date back to the Paleolithic Period and all depict nude, curvaceous women. These are some of the earliest examples of ceramics. Although it was previously thought that the advent of pottery began with the use of agriculture around 10, years ago, scientists in China discovered pottery fragments in the Xianrendong Cave that were approximately 20, years old. These items were often carved and painted with simple linear designs and geometric shapes. One impact fire had was that it caused social stratification. Those who could make and wield fire had more power than those who could not and had a higher position in society. Individuals had to work together to find fuel for the fire, maintain the fire, and complete other necessary tasks. These larger groups might have included older individuals, grandparents, to help care for children. Ultimately, fire had a significant influence on the size and social interactions of early hominid communities. As a result of "domesticating" fire as previously achieved with plants and animals,[ dubious — discuss ] humans were able to modify their environments to their own benefit. Evidence of more complex management to change biomes can be found as far back as , to , years ago at a minimum. Furthermore, activity was no longer restricted to daylight hours due to the use of fire. Many of these behavioral changes can be attributed to the control of fire and its impact on daylight extension. The supporting evidence of the cooking hypothesis argues that compared to the nutrients in the raw food, nutrients in cooked food are much easier to digest for hominids as shown in the research of protein ingestion from raw vs. Genus Homo was able to break through the limit by cooking food to lower their feeding time and be able to absorb more nutrients to accommodate the increasing need for energy. Parts of the plant such as stems, mature leaves, enlarged roots, and tubers would have been inaccessible as a food source due to the indigestibility of raw cellulose and starch. Cooking, however, made starchy and fibrous foods edible and greatly increased the diversity of other foods available to early humans. Toxin-containing foods including seeds and similar carbohydrate sources, such as cyanogenic glycosides found in linseed and cassava , were incorporated into their diets as cooking rendered them non-toxic. Due to the difficulty of chewing raw meat and digesting tough proteins e. With its high caloric density and store of important nutrients, meat thus became a staple in the diet of early humans. As a result of the increases in net energy gain from food consumption, survival and reproductive rates in hominids increased. In addition, due to the shape of the molar cusps, it is inferred that the diet was more leaf or fruit—based. In response to consuming cooked foods, the molar teeth of Homo erectus had gradually shrunk, suggesting that their diet had changed from crunchier foods such as crisp root vegetables to softer cooked foods such as meat. Today, you can see the smaller jaw volume and teeth size of humans in comparison to other primates. As a result, the gastrointestinal tract and organs in the digestive system decreased in size. This is in contrast to other primates, where a larger digestive tract is needed for fermentation of long carbohydrate chains. Thus, humans evolved from the large colons and tracts that are seen in other primates to smaller ones. This may have contributed to the evolution of bipedalism as such an ability became increasingly necessary for human activity. Species such as Homo ergaster existed with large brain volumes during time periods with little to no evidence of fire for cooking. Little variation exists in the brain sizes of Homo erectus dated from periods of weak and strong evidence for cooking. How to control body heat

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  1. Cucumber is very tasty and watery that everyone likes it. Within 24 hours of ovulation, women experience an elevation of 0. In fact, this is also one of the best home remedies to reduce body heat that we would like to introduce in this article and hope that people will make use of it right from now!

  2. Stay away from hot and spicy foods as well as fatty and fried foods. Then add rose water a few drops and next to rub this paste on your chest and forehead. Self-powering windows control the amount of light and heat.

  3. The central nervous system is also profoundly affected by hyperthermia and delirium , and convulsions may set in. Do not take poppy seeds in large quantities. Banana Smoothie Recipes For Breakfast:

  4. In addition to protection from the weather, the discovery of fire allowed for innovations in hunting. Honeydew Melon This is another contender coming from the family of melons that can help to lower body temperature. Then add honey 1 teaspoon and a pinch of salt to it.

  5. You just need to consume proper amounts of water every single day for washing away the heat produced inside the whole body. Allow it on for at least 20 minutes and then take a cold bath.

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