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How can i make myself come more

You may substitute 4 teaspoons of "pumpkin pie spice" instead of the cinnamon, cloves, allspice and ginger. But I think you get better results with the separate spices. The vast majority of people tell me this is the best pumpkin pie they've ever had. It's light and fluffy - however I don't and the pies turn out great! I like a deep, full pie, so I fill it right up to about one quarter to one half inch from the very top. Don't be surprised if the mixture is very runny! It may start as a soupy liquid, but it will firm up nicely in the oven! Tastes the same, but is healthier. If you put the empty pie crust on your oven rack, with the rack slid partially out, you can fill it there and avoid making a mess while carrying the pie to the oven! What do you do if you end up with more filling than will fit in your pie crust s? Of course, you can make another, smaller pie crust and fill a small pie pan It will be a crustless pumpkin pie that kids especially love! You can also use it in making pumpkin muffins or pumpkin bread! You may want to cover the exposed edges of the crust with strips of aluminum foil to prevent them from burning! Some people make their own crust cover by cutting the rim off of a disposable aluminum pie pan! Here is the finished pie, right out of the oven: I use a blunt table knife to test the pie. The one at left has already been stuck in the pie, and you see it comes out pretty clean, when the pie is done. Step 12 - Cool the pie And enjoy! Warm or chilled, with whipped cream , ice cream or nothing at all - it's great! You can even freeze the pie after cooking it. I just lay a piece of plastic wrap cling film tight on the pie, after it cools down, then pop it in the freezer. Later, I take the frozen pie out of the freezer, put it in the fridge for about 24 hours, and then either heat it in the oven F for about 15 minutes; just to warm it up or the microwave for a few minutes. Alternative Cooking methods for step 4 If you don't have a microwave, or prefer another method, try these: Stovetop steaming - Place your steaming basket or grid in the bottom of a large pot. Put enough water so it won't boil dry in 20 minutes, and yet is not so high that the pumpkin is touching the water level. You may need to add more water during the cooking. Add the pumpkin prepared in step 3, and get the steamer going. The cooking time is only between 8 and 12 minutes, depending on the range gas or electric , and the pumpkin literally falls off the skin. Pressure cooker - Place your grid in the bottom of the pressure cooker. If, like most people, you've long since lost the directions, try this: Once it starts hissing, turn it to medium or medium high. Crockpot - Clean and slice the pumpkin and set the temperature to either high or low depending on how soon you are able to get back to the kitchen. The crockpot is forgiving enough that the pumpkin can be left in it for a time even after it is tender, at least on the low setting. Turn off the crockpot and let the pumpkin sit in it awhile. A lot of liquid will be released as the pumpkin cools. Once the pumpkin is cool enough to handle, scrape out the flesh, place in a wire strainer, and mash with a spoon to release additional liquid. Leave the pumpkin in the strainer and place in the refrigerator for several hours to drain off any remaining liquid. Comments from a visitor on November 10, My son was so happy when he went on his first field trip to the pumpkin patch. He made me promise to make pumpkin pies with his big giant pumpkin. I did just as you said baked it, put it in the frig over night. Then I put the pieces in a pot and cooked it until it was like mush added a big cinnamon stick and and the sugar boiled some of the water out and 4 great pies. Thank you for your recipe it worked wonder full!!! Comments from a visitor on November 30, I've used it for two years now and the recipe is so dependable and thorough. One great way to use up the leftover pie filling is using it to make Pumpkin French Toast - it already had the eggs, milk, and spice. Just dip the bread in the filling and throw on the skillet. The toast goes great with a bit of melted butter, powdered sugar and some maple sugar! Comments from a visitor on November 19, One tip that might help to pass on especially to new pie makers is to cover the edges with aluminum foil to prevent the crust from burning. It really works and makes those yummy pie crusts as delicious as the rest of the pie! Comments from a visitor on November 26, Maple syrup instead of sugar: Comments from a visitor on December 08, Thanks " Baking tips: When it's cool, it's easy to cut in half, scoop out the seeds, and peel. It is also much less watery this way. This has always worked well for me. You do have to start a little earlier, though. Baking it this way and then letting it get cool enough to handle Comments from a visitor on November 20, Halve pumpkin and remove innards. Place halves face-down on a greased cookie sheet. Roast at long enough for skins to visibly darken. All species will come out firm, golden, and generally already separated from the shell. Puree can be accomplished with a potato masher if desired. More watery pumpkins will drain and cook like pie pumpkins. Though messier in your oven, I have the best luck using a flat cookie sheet that allows the water to drain off and burn in the oven. Comments from a visitor on November 27, I was preparing to make my pies for Thanksgiving and realized I had forgot to buy pumpkin. I had no choice but to give it a try. As it started to thaw it became soft. Here's what I did: Cut out the stem, cut the whole thing in half, scooped out the seeds, peeled the halves - I actually cut those in half to make peeling easier - and cubed the remaining into little bitty pieces. I put it all in a large covered sauce pan and slowly cooked it. Once they got soft enough I took a potato masher to it and cooked some more. I'll put it in a blender before using, but it was easy! Just cook real slow so as not to burn or scorch. But the frozen pumpkin started the break-down process and made cooking them much quicker and simpler. Just thought it a good alternative if anyone was interested. Thanks for the great site!! Comments from a visitor on November 03, I quickly grabbed my muffin pans and those cute little paper inserts- I put approx mini marshmallows in each one then filled 16 spots with the mixture. It was exactly the right amount of mixture. Let them sit for just a moment to allow the mellows to rise to the top always add the mellows first because when pouring the mixture on top of them it coats the mellow to make the top brown in the oven much better then finished filling them the levels lower as the mellows rise. Baked at for approx 30 minutes. I DONT cook or bake on a regular basis. Anyway, i think that the mini-pies are really great addition to those wishing to share the desert with co-workers or family members. I then I looked at the pumpkin bread recipe and thought, hmmm not too dissimilar. So here's what I did - I made pumpkin muffins!!! Put it into a muffin tin and baked till done about 20mins cooking at the same time as the pie turned out great! The amount of flour used would depend on your leftover but I used same approx ratios as the pumpkin bread recipe. These pumpkins are very runny. It should be similar in consistency to canned pumpkin - otherwise the pies may not "set up" and be runny. Pumpkins roasting over an open fire? Comments from a visitor on November 08, I wrapped it in aluminum foil and put it out in a bon fire Then let it chill in the night air, the next morning it was so easy to work with. How can i make myself come more

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