Hot mess and im falling for you. How to Stop Your Hair from Breaking and Falling Out.

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Hot mess and im falling for you

Heidi November 11, at 2: After they left I fell asleep watching tv. I have also been feeling guilty about having this dream and i have just not been able to stop thinking about my nightmare In my dream it was a sunny summer day and my daughter who was about 3 she is 2 and a half right now was upstairs playing while I was down stairs watching tv. All of a sudden I see some kids outside pointing and looking up towards my kids bedrooms. I get up and go outside to see what they are pointing and talking about. When I go outside and look up I see my daughter standing on the window sil ready to jump. I panic and quickly move around with my arms out to try and catch her. I run to her and she is not crying or making any noise. Suddenly the ambulance comes and rushes her without me. I feel so horrible and evil for having this dream and it really makes me sad at the fact that I was too scared to call for help and that i waited so long and my baby was hurt. So I started double checking for anything that she might use to stand up on to look outside. I took her laundry basket out worried that she might flip it over and stand up on it. Although I was cautious about that from the day we moved in especially because we live in a three storey townhouse. I love my children so much and I would be devastated if anything ever happened to them. To make matters worse the other day I noticed the lock on her window was broken and I meant to tell the landlord but I completely forgot. Is my a warning? Bruce November 12, at 8: Dreams can have many meanings and my aim here is to inspire your own creative thinking and your own natural awakening to better times ahead no matter what the past may hold. In fact, your dream speaks of four narratives: This is richly symbolic of the baby or original self—the one who needs protection, but also the one who holds our deepest hopes for the future for it is she who may grow into a wise old woman one day, a narrative in which you grow from depressed baby to superlative ancestor for your own future grand and great grand sons and daughters. You have a three story town-house and the baby in the dream is three. This makes me guess that something painful happened when you were three. Imagining something bad coming for your baby is a classic anxiety defense—taking the unremembered past and projecting it into the future in the hopes that the past could be averted. You never had so much motivation to heal as you do as a mother—and in this way parenting itself is a sort of soul retrieval. Either way, you can heal by accepting that you are not dead and you are not a terrible mother, but also in accepting that your baby is not you and that comforting her, or protecting her, from what actually happened to you is not good for her. By not having your baby to comfort your self, you had a nightmare. This shows you that you most deeply wish to work your pain out and not hurt your baby, and it also shows that the unconscious has a dark aspect we feel angry at separation, and then dream up a violent attack on who feels like they left us, and then we feel guilty and responsible for these dark thoughts—this is extremely common and human and some of the cure is in realizing we are not alone, and in realizing that our dark thoughts do not make us killers nor do they actually have so much power as we both wished and feared as children. The window too is a symbol of ability to see outside your hurt and lonely self, and also a symbol about something that has felt broken inside you. Maybe you wish to escape the lonely tower of childhood, but need to crawl down the rope of your own hair, like Rapunzel with hair being a symbol of our thoughts, as they grow out of our heads. Instead of Peter Pan flight, the dream suggests you must come down to earth symbol of Great Mother but you must take the stairs, step by logical and realistic step. This is what parenting is all about—day by day, separation and reunion repeated over and over until our children grow and are ready to become parents. We grown-ups must support each other to heal, to know we are not so terrible, nor so powerful, but that we actually just want to feel safe, free, loved and connected. Sometimes when we speak or type we make a slip of the tongue or the fingers. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but this slip might evoke two secret meanings: Here is a silver lining—you feel blessed to have husband, child, home and love… but you fear that it will all be taken from you because you are bad; and yet this is just a screen, you must face that you are not bad but you were once innocent and defenseless; you must face that you are loved and you are lovable. This is so devastating that it makes us feel like all will be destroyed. We must see that the baby in us simply needs to be held and understood, nursed and soothed. So… when you feel distressed, picture yourself as a little baby and hold her on your chest and soothe her. Forget everything else and all fancy analysis and just comfort the baby in your imagination. Do this for a few months and send a follow-up comment on how you are doing. If it helps you, maybe other parents who come across these words will find power in YOUR words and your journey of loving your child and healing yourself will ripple out to encourage other moms. In the dream, you and the baby are home alone so to speak. This is a wish that your baby not be taken away by mother to the realm of grandfather. I started to call out to them to hold on and was screaming for my wife to help. I began to get increasingly more worried as I could not reach them in time and then my 2 year old lost his grip and began falling. Thankfully my wife caught him before impact with the ground. Could you advise what this dream may relate to? Bruce May 10, at 7: Thus it informs my response to your dream. In any event, and with or without my journey across the developmental structure of parenting, I would guess at some meanings for your dream: The children could be the child aspects of Self—you at 2 and you at 9. This sudden height also is neurological: Hot mess and im falling for you

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  2. Forget everything else and all fancy analysis and just comfort the baby in your imagination. Add tablespoon of raw uncooked extra virgin olive oil to your diet.

  3. In tons thats tons. I believe that love is like art- it is totally subjective how people view it. Either way, you can heal by accepting that you are not dead and you are not a terrible mother, but also in accepting that your baby is not you and that comforting her, or protecting her, from what actually happened to you is not good for her.

  4. I am in this category myself. Blot excess water from hair, when hair is dry or damp apply olive oil to your hair and scalp.

  5. Because your scalp omits natural oils as a protective skin barrier and keeps the hair follicle plump and protected.

  6. I laughed really hard and cried really hard. I know I will be happier in the long run, but the short run is hard and at times I still wish I was living in my happy or mostly happy world of oblivion. Now, we were not supposed to have much physical contact - house rules - so we had to be careful.

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