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The Swiss Living Challenge and its multidisciplinary team - 4 schools, students 44 in Denver , supervisors from the professional and academic sectors, and close to 50 sponsors - culminated with the highest award. This unique experience is not only an important victory, but also an unforgettable and educational human adventure. The article in English After more than two years of intense preparation, the Swiss team can be proud of the performance of its students. All in all, over students contributed in the design and construction of their solar house called NeighborHub , big winner of the international sustainable housing competition Solar Decathlon The 44 solar decathletes surpassed themselves on the competition site in Denver to build and show visitors around their house. It was really hard, we were wet, tired, and cold, but everyone was driven by the project, because deep down, we believed in it. The house traveled over 10, kilometers through the ocean, rail and road; a perilous route made even more difficult by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Architecture students, Axelle Marchon and Sarah Sauthier, say: During the construction phase, we were in survival mode. We started believing in it when the first results were announced. At that moment, the house was up and running, and we said to ourselves that we were really participating in the competition! One interesting conclusion about the competition is the fact that the juries either loved the Swiss concept and granted awards for it or considered it off-topic and penalized it. As a reminder, the Swiss team made the audacious bet of coming up with a different concept, proposing a house at the service of a community, rather than a family home. Most members of the jury appreciated the boldness of the concept, by granting the first place on the following contests: The team was awarded the second place in appliances, and the third place in communications. The bet is won, and the Swiss team wins the competition with a solid lead of 50 points. Team cohesion, the greatest triumph A natural explanation of this great success, would be the synergy and convergence of people from different backgrounds towards a shared goal: There was a strong intellectual energy! They all looked for and found a common language. That was the greatest challenge during these three years of co-creation: Students were well aware of their chance to have such generous partners. Marin Thaller, architecture student, explains: We helped and carried each other. This project also provided the students with a unique, unforgettable, and inspirational learning opportunity. Xavier Tendon, environmental sciences and engineering student, is full of enthusiasm when it comes to speaking about the practical skills acquired: Fanny Mignon, architecture student concludes: Wir waren bis zum letzten Moment sehr angespannt! Wir fingen an zu glauben, dass alles gut wird, als die ersten Messergebnisse eintrafen. Dort hatte das Haus eine sehr gute Leistung. Wir wussten, jetzt waren wir mitten im Rennen. Das Team gewann auch den 2. Platz in der Kommunikation. Es gab viele verschiedene Studienrichtungen: Es gibt eine unglaubliche Energie und intellektuelle Dynamik im Team, welche sehr bereichernd ist. Wir waren alle im selben Boot, egal aus welchem Studiengebiet. Wir haben alle zusammen viel Wissen gewonnen. Marin Thaller, Architekturstudent, sagt: Jede Meinung war wichtig! Xavier Tendon, Student der Umweltwissenschaften und Ingenieurwissenschaften, ist begeistert von den praktischen Errungenschaften: Irgendwann baue ich mir zuhause auch mal eine solarthermische Anlage! Und Fanny Mignon, Architekturstudentin, fasst zusammen: The Swiss team were the first Solar Decathletes up and kitted out at 7 am to take up their spot at the competition venue in Denver, Colorado, with 11 of their 12 shipping containers already having arrived before them. The final container arrived on the third day allocated for setting up — only just in time, given the tight construction schedule. The assembly has since proceeded through its various stages in spite of the poor weather. Indeed, the organizers said that the weather is the 11th Contest of the Solar Decathlon Competition! The students are feeling more resilient than ever as they work together to reassemble their solar house in only 9 days. It was such a relief to open them up to find that everything was usable, even if some components had been shaken around a little. We sure were lucky! Luck was indeed required. What might seem a straightforward Atlantic crossing is in fact a risky undertaking, with rust and swollen timber potentially resulting from the damp conditions at sea. The dismantled NeighborHub building faced a severe test, with a combination of the continual movement, the wearing down of component parts because of the constant vibrations and even violent impacts. The first 11 containers arrived safe and sound, however, despite hurricane Harvey creating difficult conditions when the ship put in at the Port of Houston. When it docked, the harbor area was still under 2 meters of water. The 12th and final container faced its own difficulties due to the hurricanes and customs wrangles, so it remained stuck out at sea for a few extra days before making it on to dry land. The starting gun for assembling the solar houses was fired on Saturday, September 23rd. For these 9 days, the teams are working cheek by jowl to get their solar houses built. The Swiss team is operating in shifts: This means 17 hours of continuous building work, which gives a total of hours of construction time over the 9 days. Rain has been a factor since the first day of assembly, and everyone has been squelching around in the mud. The timber components have constantly had to be wrapped and unwrapped with sheeting to keep the rain out, which has slowed the work down. They had to agree on a scale for shifting the components, given the use of feet in the U. The American crane operator and the Swiss student sometimes had to talk in terms of iPhone lengths to understand each other! Matias Cesari is now a professional construction worker, and is playing a crucial team coordinating role during the construction phase. He has also obtained the necessary licenses to operate the aerial work platform and the telescopic lift truck. Matias is highly mindful of his responsibilities: Almost through the allotted time As at September 27th, the 5th day of assembly, the Swiss team is around half way through the allotted time. They have also laid the floor and have finally assembled the Skin — the protective, watertight envelope surrounding the Core. This work also covers lighting, communications, electrical sockets, ventilation, plumbing, fire detection equipment, the water systems and the connections for the phyto-purification and aquaponic systems. Crucial adjustments As long as no further issues arise during construction, the students will spend the next few days installing the green roof, the recharging point for the electric car, the outdoor facilities including a home-made wooden soccer table , the furniture and the interior design. In parallel with this, the technical equipment will be put in place and the final tests will be conducted before making the necessary meticulous adjustments that could prove vital to win. The temperature will be measured throughout the competition and must stay within comfortable limits for visitors — whether there are just a handful of them in the house or a whole crowd. Energy consumption levels are continually monitored and assessed by the jury members appointed by the competition organizers. We were therefore particularly careful to select the lowest-energy appliances. The energy strategy will be assessed based on an estimate of the energy production of each house and the notional value of the power that each team supplies to the Solar Decathlon grid — or draws from it — over the next 24 hours. For the first time, this assessment will take into account the fluctuation of energy prices in real time. Getting the electronic and computer settings correct is therefore vital if the Swiss team is to win the Solar Decathlon. Oui, nous avons eu de la chance! Les portes pliables de la Skin sont en cours de montage ainsi que tous les branchements et raccordements techniques, notamment aux panneaux solaires et thermiques. Seither folgen die einzelnen Montageetappen trotz schwieriger Wetterbedingungen schnell aufeinander. Auswahlkriterium, um den Solar Decathlon zu gewinnen. Die Studierenden zeigen sich solidarisch und halten mehr denn je zusammen, um der Herausforderung, ihr Solarhaus in nur 9 Tagen wieder aufzubauen, gewachsen zu sein. Es war eine enorme Erleichterung, bei ihrer Ankunft festzustellen, dass zwar alles etwas durcheinander, aber noch zu gebrauchen war. Bei ihrer Ankunft stand der Hafen noch zwei Meter hoch unter Wasser. Am Montag, den September kam er schliesslich zur Erleichterung aller Beteiligten am Austragungsort des Wettbewerbs an. Am Samstag, den Das Schweizer Team arbeitet in Schichten: Er nennt diese anspruchsvolle Arbeit gerne: Nun regnet es aber seit dem ersten Montagetag und alle werden nass und waten im Schlamm! Matias Cesari ist sich seiner Verantwortung durchaus bewusst: Ihre Zielstrebigkeit beeindruckt mich! Bereits Endzeit Am Der Energieverbrauch des Hauses wird permanent von den Jurymitgliedern, die von den Wettbewerbsorganisatoren angestellt werden, kontrolliert und begutachtet. Der NeighborHub wird bald an das Stromnetz des Wettbewerbs angeschlossen. Die elektronischen und informatischen Einstellungen sind aus diesem Grund entscheidend wichtig, um den Solar Decathlon zu gewinnen. Responding to the challenge of the Solar Decathlon competition, students devised NeighborHub as a local residence in a bid to demonstrate its market potential. This is just one of the ten criteria that need to be met in order to win the prestigious competition, which will be held in Denver, Colorado between October 5th and 15th. The article in English Starting from the premise that the population of Switzerland is set to grow from 8. Amendments to the Swiss Spatial Planning Act SPA require towns, cities and their suburbs to adapt in order to protect non-urban areas — hence the focus on urban transition. Facade how to get laid

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  3. The theory behind this is that your happiness should stem from how you perceive yourself and not how others perceive you.

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