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England sex stories

Shelly told me it was all very humiliating! But Lori was her best friend, and the two girls had both been planning to attend State together ever since junior high. Both were also athletes, although neither would be considered a star player, and were therefore both lucky to have received this invitation to pledge Phi Kappa Alpha. Coach Felicia was their P. It was nice, but it made her uncomfortable. Living in that sorority would make it possible for Lisa and Lori to afford attending State, something they had long dreamed about doing together. Lisa finished these thoughts while zipping up her skirt. She had selected a flowery light green outfit that showed off her long, slender legs and trim figure. It was a figure she was proud of. Lori was a gymnast, and while very short had an attractive curvy build, with well-formed breasts and a cute little behind that even Lisa thought adorable. Tonight Lori was wearing a tight black minidress with a red top that showed off her sexy compact figure as she and Lisa left together for the Alpha house. Lori had brunette hair cut short, and soft brown eyes that set off her pretty face. But now those eyes showed concern. They were expected at seven, and it was almost seven already. But fortunately traffic was light and they reached their destination with a couple of minutes to spare. It was opened by a tall black girl in bluejeans and a navy sweatshirt. She was pretty in an athletic way, and her glance quickly took in the two nervous freshmen standing before her. I play basketball here at State. You must be Lisa and Lori. Pleased to meet you. Two other girls now made their appearance, as Alice made introductions. Everything looked expensive, from the beautifully upholstered chairs and couches to the thick rug beneath their feet. Both girls felt slightly uncomfortable in the presence of the four upper classmen, who seemed to be staring intently at them as they sat back onto a couch. Sharon winked at Lori, and the younger girl blushed in response, her eyes downcast. Think of us as your older sisters now. We will be taking care of you. All we ask in response is for you to OBEY! Think you can handle that? Some of what we ask of you might seem strange, even making you uncomfortable. When we want to punish you in Alpha house a hand-spanking usually suffices. In fact, we prefer it. In fact, she found herself blushing at the thought, and saw that the Hispanic girl Sharon was eyeing her closely. She blushed even deeper. You will move your belongings in this weekend, and we welcome you aboard. Then the other three also moved in, hugging each of the two girls intimately. Janelle kissed Lisa on the mouth, and Lori could swear Sharon squeezed her butt during their embrace. But she pretended not to have noticed. On Saturday they arrived with their belongings, and were shown to their room on the first floor. It was small with two twin beds, but otherwise nicely furnished with a chest of drawers, a desk, and a small closet. You pledges will be attired in bra and panties. Besides, remember what she said about not paddling us? Whatever they have in store for us, how bad can it be? We can take it! At seven sharp the two girls left the room and headed for the living room where their four older sorority sisters awaited them. All four appeared attired in dark sweats. They were all seated and talking. But a hush fell over the room as the two near naked freshmen girls entered. Somebody emitted a low whistle. Lisa, too, was being admired by her sisters. Her thong was drawing a number of appreciative glances. Before midnight you are hereby instructed to each get your rear end signed, autographed if you will, by each of your four older sisters. To get them to do this you will have to do whatever they ask. Lori and Lisa, you have five hours. So we submit, OK? Shall we go together, or separate? Moments later, Alice heard a timid knock on her bedroom door. Lisa then entered, and saw Alice sitting on her large bed clad only in a tee shirt and panties. I have something I want you to do before I sign my name to your butt. Obviously this girl was a lesbian, and Lisa had never so much as kissed a girl before tonight. Right now, I just want to enjoy this pretty body of yours for a while. Lisa moaned, overcome by the passionate assault on her senses. Never before had she made out with another girl, and against all her wishes she was finding it incredibly exciting. At first Lori blushed with humiliation, but as the spanking continued she felt herself enjoying the sensation. By the time Traci finished Lori was wiggling her butt appreciatively with every stroke. Lisa was astounded at how turned on she was at this moment! Here, in this room, dancing naked for another woman, and loving it! Sharon then kissed her pretty round rear, then reached for the pen to sign her name right below where Alice had signed it not twenty minutes before. Oh, the fun she would be having with this cute little plaything later in the semester. But right now her thoughts were on her tall blonde friend in the next room. Nevertheless, she motioned Lori to approach her. The trembling girl slowed to a halt before her, awaiting orders. Her hands were everywhere, along her sides, up and down her legs, squeezing and caressing her breasts and ass. The black girl then knelt down behind her and began kissing the gorgeous, pert little ass of the gymnast. Her lips covered the soft round mounds, licking and nipping the sweet-smelling skin. This was a new sensation for her, and she was loving it. Janelle continued to lick and Lori continued to moan aloud. Finally, the older girl edged back. She began hopping around the room, slowly, but with Traci walking behind her slapping her on the ass with her hand. She also felt incredibly turned on. But the red-haired soccer player had had enough. Lisa smiled back, in spite of herself. She would never admit it, but she had enjoyed the ordeal more than she would ever have imagined. The realization that she was actually enjoying being a submissive plaything was more than she could fathom at this time. On the large table in the center of her room she had placed a large platter. Around the platter were items used for cooking and the preparation for food. The older girl then pulled her up onto the platter, securing her wrists together in front of her as she knelt down onto it, face down and butt up, her ankles then secured together behind her. Sharon then sprinkled on some pepper, and garnished Lori with a few sliced cucumbers and radishes. Then, stepping back to admire her work, she licked her lips and sighed. Sharon laughed and nipped her rear again. Come here and present your ass to me. I want your body and your gorgeous round rump. She began to back away toward the door. But Janelle was too quick for her. She leaped up and grabbed her, forcefully kissing her on the mouth, one hand grabbing her right breast while the other circled her waist. Surrender that beautiful body to me. You can do it. You must do it. Lisa submissively climbed up and laid on her stomach, as directed by Janelle, facing the wall. The older girl then manacled her wrists to the bed board, and then began slowly kissing her body. England sex stories

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  1. Sharon winked at Lori, and the younger girl blushed in response, her eyes downcast. They were all seated and talking.

  2. We will be taking care of you. They were expected at seven, and it was almost seven already.

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