Do you use shampoo with wen. Why I Ditched Shampoo (And How You Can, Too!).

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How to Cleanse Short Hair - WEN Gallon

Do you use shampoo with wen

WEN causes hair loss? Yes, for many it has caused problems like hair loss, sensitivity, etc. After a while I started to notice that the WEN users had a different texture to their hair. It was horrible and most noticeable when wet. I started to ask them… Do you use WEN products? Most people would say… Yes, I do! How did you know? Is it because my hair is so awesome?! Or, find someone that is still willing to use WEN and compare your hair to theirs. If they were the last two shampoos left on Earth, of course! The WEN Cleansing Conditioner was the product that the woman used who first spoke up and initiated the law suit. Substantial and abnormal amounts of hair loss after only 2 weeks of use. You keep losing hair after you stop using it! Your hair will feel like crap. It may or may not grow back completely. Do you use WEN hair care products or have you used them in the past? YES, and I still do. I think my hair feels great. My hair was in worse shape because of the products. NO, but I'd like to try it! Useful Links for WEN product users: Do you use shampoo with wen

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  1. I applied my root lifter and began to blow-dry. After the first wen use I colored and even my husband noticed Im not gray inside of 14 days.

  2. I understood the concept behind the product. So, I ordered it online a few weeks ago, and shortly thereafter a box containing the cleansing conditioner as well as a few other accessory products arrived.

  3. Shampoo is an unnecessary cost, and switching to a baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse or other similar regimen is a very frugal and effective alternative Most conventional shampoos contain all kinds of harmful chemicals, including carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, and hormone disruptors.

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