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Diocese of charleston wv

Volunteers from different offices had the opportunity to meet and everyone enjoyed a time of fellowship. Francis de Sales Parish in Beckley. The compassionate group of volunteers work with clients to complete applications and gather the necessary verifications. The goal of these efforts is to help those who are struggling meet their basic needs such Each year since , this large church of over 2, members has supported the outreach efforts of Catholic Charities West Virginia to assist persons in need in McDowell and Summers Counties. The church, just outside of Washington, D. The scholarship donor was so impressed by the children from Anawalt Elementary School, who made one such visit, that this scholarship was established in The scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating high school senior from McDowell County. Catholic Charities West Virginia staff members are pleased to serve on the scholarship committee that selects the awardee. At first glance, Beckey is quiet, patient, and pleasant, but a closer look uncovers unwavering integrity, gentle humility and selflessness amid daily pain a painful musculoskeletal disorder whose victims are often plagued by widespread pain, fatigue, and concentration concerns. Never once has she complained. We look to her quiet leadership as a beacon. She is a silent champion, steadfastly helping the most vulnerable conquer goals and fulfill dreams. Our agency works with children from birth until three years of age who have a developmental delay or who Since April is volunteer month, I would like to recognize a special group of volunteers that we have here. Our Youth Build Crew. Youth Build is a program that gives young adults tools to get a job and keep it. Participants get hands-on experience which is reinforced with classroom instruction, job shadowing and personal guidance. This program lasts between six to eight months. Each day we are sent one Youth Build volunteer who comes in to help with anything, from cleaning the facility to helping clients in the pantry. They are always eager to assist in any way they can. Having eager, dependable volunteers is a crucial part in the services we provide to the community. Dedicated hearts like theirs Recently, some of our Wednesday volunteer crew has consisted of the staff and students of the Augusta Levy Learning Center—the first intensive autism treatment program in West Virginia. The children and their dedicated staff have done an incredible job around the Center and have been a great addition to our team. While we are enjoying the benefits of their hard work, it seems they are benefiting from their interactions with us, as well. Haley Rush, a behavior specialist with Augusta Levy, said that she and the other staff have noticed some incredible improvements from the kids. Over the years she has assisted refugees build new lives in West Virginia by providing Cultural Orientation, serving as an English conversation partner, and providing transportation to appointments. More recently, Feli has been assisting with office work for the immigration portion of the program. Feli also volunteers her time with other local non-profits like the Ronald McDonald House, and works part time to place international exchange students in schools. She is the mother of three beautiful children: Quincy, Isaac, and Victoria, and is married to Sam. Feli and her family are avid During February, March and April, 14 community volunteers prepared a total of federal and state returns. Additionally, Rita Caufield and Richard Meir served as volunteer translators. When the EITC credit exceeds the It is Good Day when We Feed People It was time for the mobile food pantry to end when a young mother literally ran through the door. She then explained her family had had very little in the house to eat for two days. She had fed everything she had to her kids and she had not eaten during that time. Choking back tears, I assured her she and her family would eat that day. She was beyond words as we began to select food for her family. Our food pantry coordinator reminds us almost daily that it is a good day when we can feed people. Diocese of charleston wv

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  2. Our agency works with children from birth until three years of age who have a developmental delay or who Feli and her family are avid

  3. Our food pantry coordinator reminds us almost daily that it is a good day when we can feed people.

  4. Youth Build is a program that gives young adults tools to get a job and keep it. West Virginia has one of the lowest per-capita incomes in the United States.

  5. Principles For Action "In return for their labor, workers have a right to wages and other benefits sufficient to sustain life in dignity. Or if you were blocked because you were accessing your site too quickly, then increase the number of accesses allowed per minute.

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