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Dining dating food love

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster has some great character meal tips for your fam! Goofy Poses at Chef Mickey's I spent a recent weekend reminiscing over old photos, many of which featured family trips to the Disney Parks. While flipping through the albums, one of my girls commented that the photos were, to put it mildly, character meal intensive. I have photographic evidence of having been to character meals with my family at least 93 times since then. Liberty Tree Tavern character meal. Gone but not forgotten. To experience character interaction without lines. To take a break from touring. To fill time on a non-park day. To have family bonding time. Each of these reasons for dining will give you a slightly different approach to your planning. There is lots of movement back and forth to the food at a buffet. If your goal is chatting, or getting group photos with characters, then a family-style Garden Grill or menu-based Akershus character meal may be a better choice. Timing is Everything The flow of your day can be positively or negatively impacted depending on when you decide to eat. Capitalize on this unique situation by commandeering a cast member to capture the moment. You and the castle with no one else in the background. On our way to an early Crystal Palace meal in a near empty Magic Kingdom. Timing your character meal right can also help you save a bit of cash. In several places, character breakfasts are served until Grab a quick granola bar in your room, tour in the early morning when the lines are shortest, and then eat breakfast for lunch. Booking a character meal at the end of a serving session may also get you a slightly superior character experience. The characters stick around throughout the entire time guests are being served, but at the end of a meal many guests will finish and exit the restaurant, leaving fewer guests for the characters to interact with. As many of the earlier dining guests had departed, Mickey and the gang had more time to spend with us. We had a particularly prolonged exchange with Chip about our meal and about the merits of a recent film release — all via mime and handwritten notes. Who knew Chip was a fan of the sci-fi genre? The characters are more than willing to have quality moments with your family, but everyone else wants that, too. Be gracious to the characters and they'll be gracious to you. Keep an eye out for where the characters are in the room. If Mickey is within your section of the restaurant, put a hold on trips to the buffet and wait for him to arrive at your table. The waffles will still be there, and having your entire group at the table prevents others from having to wait while you go extract Junior from the dessert station. This is also a great time to remind your children of their manners. Tell them you expect them to respect other guests by waiting their turn for time with the characters. And tell them to respect the characters by not jumping on them, pulling their tail, or making any other unexpected movements. Communicate with the Characters While Mickey has many talents, he is not a mind reader. Let him know if you need something special. For example, when my family takes photos with characters, we often want a group shot and then individual shots with each child. We tell the character this at the outset of our greeting so that he knows not to rush off after the first photo. The characters have limited sightlines. Let them know verbally if you are passing behind him or if there is a child underfoot. This could mean bringing a plush Mickey to meet Mickey. Or perhaps bringing a plush Mickey to meet Donald. A prop gives the character something to react to. Chip liked playing with our toy. Maybe he or she will be flattered and give your child an extra hug or kiss. She loved meeting you at breakfast last year. We met Sleeping Beauty at the Royal Table. And then saw her again a few months later at Park Fare. My daughters asked Cinderella and her step sister whether they had been invited to the Royal Wedding. The responses were priceless. While preferential treatment is never guaranteed, birthday and anniversary celebrants are often gifted with a free cupcake or other small surprise. This creates less busy work for the server and can greatly speed up your departure wait. Let the server know if you need to eat quickly to make it to a show or to take advantage of a Fastpass window. Communicate with the Character Handlers Most character dining experiences will have a cast member obviously dedicated to overseeing the characters. If you have something that you need all the characters to know, then the character handler is a good person to seek out. For example, the handlers can help if you know your child is wary of characters and you need them to approach your table very slowly, or even skip your table entirely. A MUCH smaller percentage of boys and older girls will also have costumes. When deciding whether to dress up, you should consider the following: Does your child WANT to dress up? Will your child wear the costume all day or just for the meal? If you want to have a bit of the princess look without being encumbered by the full regalia, try sporting just regal accessories. You don't have to dress up to be a princess. Also be aware that if you do decide to dress your daughter for a princess meal, there is no requirement that the costume be purchased at Walt Disney World or even be an official Disney costume at all. You can also find inexpensive Disney costumes at buycostumes. Try stocking up just after Halloween for the best bargains. Those with problems almost always had a member of some other family featured prominently in the background, often stuffing his face. Others that were less than lovely had a foreground filled with dirty dishes or a chair blocking a child. Before the characters approach your table, take just a moment to assess how you can make your picture mantle-worthy. Look for the shooting angle with the least distracting background and move some of the clutter out of the way. There are about 15 things wrong with this picture. Try to set the stage for a better shot. Also be aware of the relative size of the characters in relation to the members of your party. Try standing the child on a chair for better ability to focus on the faces. You can also improve your photo by creating a unique pose. Work out your strategy in advance to minimize wait times for other guests. Your server, the character handler, and most other guests will be happy to assist. These all have top-notch character interaction as well. My money's on the Safari Breakfast at Tusker House for a great meal. On a recent trip with another family, the mom and I had great fun faux flirting with Prince Charming at Park Fare. Do you have a strategy for getting the most out of your meal and Mickey? Let us know in the comments below. Wondering what character meal is right for your family? Dining dating food love

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  1. The characters are more than willing to have quality moments with your family, but everyone else wants that, too.

  2. The responses were priceless. The next selection from the raw bar was their razor clam ceviche. An army of 40,, including soldiers and other personnel such as slaves, would have about 4, horses and 3, pack animals.

  3. Liberty Tree Tavern character meal. The Salt Line is an outstanding addition to the D. My daughters asked Cinderella and her step sister whether they had been invited to the Royal Wedding.

  4. In the city of Rome, the Forum Holitorium was an ancient farmers' market , and the Vicus Tuscus was famous for its fresh produce. The main course was succulent cuts of kid , beans, greens, a chicken, and leftover ham, followed by a dessert of fresh fruit and vintage wine.

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