Department of education consolidating federal loans. Direct Student Loans.

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Student Loan Consolidation

Department of education consolidating federal loans

Direct Student Loans College Funding Straight from the Federal Government Paying for college places extraordinary financial burdens on families; especially in light of continually rising higher education costs. Scholarships, grants and loans are funding staples for university students, who use them to pay for tuition, books , housing and other college fees. While each form of aid tackles school expenses, there are important distinctions to be made between the types of available assistance. Grants and scholarships provide assistance that is not repaid. Generally, grants help those with the highest levels of financial need, while scholarships cover college expenses for students who exhibit high standards in academics and athletics. Student Loan Options College-aged individuals are not exemplary credit risks. The problem for most college students is not a history of bad credit , but rather a credit history that simply does not include enough entries. Without a long history of repayment successes, your ability to secure funds from traditional independent lenders may be limited to risky high-interest loans. Loans with unmanageable credit terms lead to subsequent defaults, and should be avoided. If your college financial aid package requires a loan from a private bank or credit union, your best bet is to apply with the help of a creditworthy cosigner. By adding another credit reference to your loan, your interest rate and repayment terms are improved. Historically, campus financial aid offices worked to provide college financial aid packages that included guaranteed Stafford Loan awards. As part of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of , Barack Obama and the th Congress cut out the middlemen and ended the private lender subsidy arrangement. Government-backed lending program, and leaves the Federal Government as the sole administrator for Federal Direct Student Loans. Family size, and the number of members who are attending college influence federal financial aid awards. Independent students are not claimed, so applications are limited to student data. Expected Family Contribution EFC is an important reference number that is submitted along with your Student Aid Report to each of the colleges you are considering attending. Campus financial aid offices match your FAFSA status with available student aid, until your college financing needs are met. Direct Subsidized and Direct Unsubsidized Loans An important distinction exists between federally issued student loans: Some are subsidized, while others are not. Direct subsidized loan participants do not pay interest on student loans: While they are enrolled in college During a six-month grace period after leaving school During any approved loan deferment period Important change to subsidized loan repayment policy: For loans issued after July 1st, , the Department of Education will not pay interest due during the six-month grace period following school. Interest that is not paid by students during this period will be capitalized and added to the principle balance of the loan. Unsubsidized loans are granted to undergraduates and graduate students without a financial hardship requirement. Fixed interest rates provide payment planning possibilities, currently at 3. Filing status, as dependant or independent, influences the maximum annual loan disbursed to each qualified borrower. The scale continues upward until graduate school, when eligible participants qualify for over twenty-thousand dollars worth of annual educational funding. On one hand, if you are struggling to make monthly student loan payments , consolidating your student debt creates a repayment structure you can meet. Under Direct Consolidation, multiple student loan payments are replaced by a single monthly obligation, but changes are irreversible. Once you sign-up to consolidate, your original loans are wiped from existence. Before you proceed, make sure your current student loan terms will not be negatively impacted by consolidation; rebates and other benefits are sometimes lost during the transition. Department of education consolidating federal loans

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  1. Ford Federal Direct Loans provide general assistance for low and middle-income applicants.

  2. You should check the interest rates on your loans. The use of the same Common Origination and Disbursement COD system that is used for the Pell Grant program makes the transition into the Direct Loan program relatively easy from a college perspective. If you have variable rate loans from before July 1, , you may be able to get very significant interest rate reductions by consolidating.

  3. The problem for most college students is not a history of bad credit , but rather a credit history that simply does not include enough entries. If you hold private loans, and are having a hard time making payments, consult with your loan representative to help evaluate your resources, debt obligation, and ability to pay.

  4. The competition between the Direct Loan and FFEL programs has been healthy for both programs, leading to improved quality of customer service. Perkins Loans fill gaps left after other financial aid is expended. The choice of loan program available to a borrower depends on the college.

  5. To ask questions about consolidating your loans before you apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan, contact the Loan Consolidation Information Call Center at The interest rate on the Stafford Loan is identical in both programs. Student Loan Options College-aged individuals are not exemplary credit risks.

  6. Perkins Loans fill gaps left after other financial aid is expended. Using FFEL program lenders avoids the difficulties associated with post-disbursement changes and record reconciliation in the Direct Loan program, and there are better reporting capabilities available from FFEL program lenders.

  7. Parent PLUS borrowers who also have other federal student loans and choose to consolidate with Direct Loans will find that the PLUS loan taints the entire consolidation loan and will mean that they will not be eligible to repay the consolidation loan using income-driven repayment. The competition between the Direct Loan and FFEL programs has been healthy for both programs, leading to improved quality of customer service.

  8. With just a few exceptions, you get only one chance to consolidate with the government loan programs. However, the interest rate may be greater than 8. If approved, your actual rate will be within the range of rates listed above and will depend on a variety of factors, including term of loan, a responsible financial history, years of experience, income and other factors.

  9. So while some lenders may still offer better front-end discounts, none offer better back-end discounts. If you are close to paying off your loans, consolidation may not be worthwhile. It should be noted, however, that extending repayment terms also adds more total interest to the loan, over its entire lifetime.

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