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Cutest baby girl names

Find out name meanings and origin of super cute baby names for sweet girls! We have picked girl names that blend fashionable choices with vintage and classic image. The welcoming warm feeling you get as a result, is what defines all cute girl names. Cute girl names are bespoke examples of attractive and delightful babies. Giving your daughter one of the following cute girl names will give her an adorable and charming edge that boys will simply love. Our experts looked for stunningly cute girl names that pass a subliminal message of lovability and mysterious appeal to everyone! Go through these awesome cute girl names and be part of it! Cute Girl Names and Meanings Amber: Even though Avery is a unisex baby name, it has been primarily been used for cute girls as its meaning refers to the elfs that are believed to have a feminine background. American parents seem to love it as the SSA baby names chart reveals a huge jump from to 13 in the last few years. As Ava has proven to be over used and worn out, Avery is catching up as a cute alternative for parents. The French model turned singer is now an activist fighting for animal rights. The American actress is known for her cute looks that no boy can resist! Chloe is usually linked to cute little girls that are capable of seducing men of older age. A primar example would be the drama film Chloe watch the official trailer. African American and Latino parents are particularly fond of this cute baby name. Other alternative variants include Yasmine just changing the first letter and Jessamine which is a bit more complicated and hard to spell. Karla is the female version of Karl, which has German origin and means free man. Other variants include Carla, which is the first name of Carla Bruni, the Italian model who married in French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy. It has since been part of the top baby names, holding 88 in The meaning of Kyla narrow spit of land and it is the female form of Kyle. Other variations include Kyle which sounds more confident and Kayla which is a bit more feminine. Kyla recently gave birth to her first baby girl named Lyric. She showed off the adorable mini-Kyla through a really cool comic strip, shown below. The roots of Lexi can be traced in Ancient Greece where the name Alexandra was popular as it was reserved for higher symbolism of the defender of all men. Lexi, or Lexy, is the cute ciminutive of this powerful name which is characterized by confidence, charisma and strength. Leyla comes from an uncommon Persian word that means born in the night. It suits ex-clubbers parents who gave up their night loving life style and are expecting a cute baby girl! Leyla Milani is the most famous name shaker, the Toronto born, Canadian fashion model turned into a TV host with a massive appeal on men. It sounds like Joe from the successful TV series Friends and it brings all the nice memories of the smiles and laughs you had watching the comedy! The name has faced a significant rise in popularity the last 4 years thanks to cute actress Zooey Deschanel who starred in the romantic comedy Days of Summer. Did you like our list of cute girl names? Do you consider choosing one of the above cute baby names for your girl? Cutest baby girl names

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  2. Win a personalized baby blanket embroidered with your baby's name and birth date in our monthly drawing. Okapis are native to the rain forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo where the endangered species faces numerous threats, including poaching and habitat loss.

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