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It is one of the oldest churches in the world. There were many Arab tribes which adhered to Christianity beginning with the 1st century, including the Nabateans and the Ghassanids. The Nabataeans initially adopted pagan beliefs, but they became Christians by the time of the Byzantine period around the 4th century. Their lands were divided between the new Qahtanite Arab tribal kingdoms of the Byzantine vassals, the Ghassanids and the Himyarite Kingdom , the Kindah in North Arabia. The southern Arabian city of Najran was a center of Arabian Christianity, made famous by the persecution by one of the kings of Yemen, Dhu Nawas, who was himself an enthusiastic convert to Judaism. Some modern scholars suggest that Philip the Arab was the first Christian emperor of Rome. The New Testament has a biblical account of Arab conversion to Christianity recorded in the book of Acts. When Saint Peter preaches to the people of Jerusalem, they ask, "And how is it that we hear, each of us in his own native language? The first mention of Christianity in Arabia occurs in the New Testament as the Apostle Paul refers to his journey in Arabia following his conversion Galatians 1: Later, Eusebius discusses a bishop named Beryllus in the see of Bostra , the site of a synod c. Christians existed in Arab lands from at least the 3rd century onward. Historically, a number of minority Christian sects were persecuted as heretic under Byzantine rule such as non-Chalcedonians. As Muslim army commanders expanded their empire and attacked countries in Asia, North Africa and southern Europe, they would offer three conditions to their enemies: Those who refused war and refused to convert were deemed to have agreed to pay jizya. Many scholars and intellectuals like Edward Said believed Christians in the Arab world have made significant contributions to the Arab civilization since the 7th century AD and still do. Some of the top poets at certain times were Arab Christians, and many Arab and non-Arab Christians were physicians, writers, government officials, and people of literature. Under Arab Muslim rule, Christians were protected and began to enjoy more religious freedom under initial Arab Muslim occupation, than they had under Byzantine Eastern Orthodox Christian rule,[ citation needed ] but they were also often a target of persecution. As " People of the Book ", Christians in the region were accorded certain rights under Islamic law to practice their religion including having Christian law used for rulings, settlements or sentences in court. In contrast to Muslims , who paid the zakat tax, they paid the jizya , an obligatory tax. The jizya was not levied on slaves, women, children, monks, the old, the sick, [27] [28] hermits , or the poor. It also led to the renewal of literary, linguistic and poetic distinctiveness. The emergence of a politically active movement known as the "association" was accompanied by the birth of the idea of Arab nationalism and the demand for reformation of the Ottoman Empire. The emergence of the idea of Arab independence and reformation, led to the calling of the establishment of modern states based on the European-style. It was during this stage, that the first compound of the Arabic language was introduced along with the printing of it in Arabic letters. In music, sculpture and history and the humanities generally, as well as in economics, human rights, and a summary of the case that the cultural renaissance by the Arabs during the late Ottoman rule was a quantum leap for them to post-industrial revolution, [16] and can not be limited to the fields of cultural renaissance of Arabs in the nineteenth century these categories only as it is extended to include the spectrum of society and the fields as a whole, [17] and is almost universal agreement among historians on the role played by the Arab Christians in this renaissance, both in Mount Lebanon , Egypt , Palestine , Syria, and their role in the prosperity through participation not only from home but in the Diaspora also. At the same time entered into by the Archbishop of Aleppo Mlatios grace of the first printing press letters to Arab Levant and continued in print until On the other hand, contributed to Arab Christians in fighting the policy of Turkification pursued by the Assembly of the Union and Progress and has emerged in Aleppo, in particular, Bishop Germanos Farhat and Father Boutros Tallawy, and the school was founded the Patriarchate in the prolific that came out a multitude of flags of the Arab at that point, [36] [ citation needed ] Christian college as Saint Joseph University and the American University of Beirut and Al-Hikma University in Baghdad and other played leading role in the development of civilization and Arab culture. Given this growing Christian role in politics and culture, governments began to turn contains the Ottoman ministers from the Arab Christians and all of them epic in Lebanon. In the economic sphere, a number of Christian families, including Al Sursock and all stockist and all Websters in the Levant and all Sakakini, and all-Ghali, and all fixed in Egypt,[ citation needed ] Thus, the Arab Middle East led the Muslims and Christians a cultural renaissance and national general despotism which formed Rkizath Society of Union and Progress and Policy Turkification, and established this renaissance as seen Paul Naaman "Arab Christians as one of the pillars of the region and not as a minority on the fringes. The suicide bomber Jules Jammal , a Syrian military officer, who blew himself up while ramming a French ship, was also an Arab Christian. Many Palestinian Christians were also active in the formation and governing of the Palestinian National Authority since With the events of the Arab Winter , the Syrian Arab Christian community was heavily hit in line with other Christian communities of Syria, being a victimized by the war and specifically targeted as minority by the Jihadist forces. Christian arabs dating site

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  1. The view advanced by Kosters and supported especially by Wildeboer and Cheyne will be criticized elsewhere see Zerubbabel ; but there seems to be no really valid ground for doubting the tradition reported by the chronicler in Ezra iii. The spread of Hellenism was in many ways fatal to the Jews of Jerusalem.

  2. The Persian Sassanids dissolved the Lakhmid dynasty in , being under puppet kings, then under their direct control.

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