Black girl braiding styles. 31 Ghana Braids Styles.

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Black girl braiding styles

I would describe this look as an everyday hairstyle for the get up and go and type of female. What tips or products do you recommend to recreate this look? What type of client would you recommend this look for? This style is also a great alternative for someone who wants to dread their hair. How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it? This look is a curly crochet braid style which is very popular. The bob style is very trendy and works great in the summer. It is also a great protective style! The options are endless! I recommend this look for those with natural hair that they want to put away and protect. We used the crochet braid method the create this look. I love that it has a youthful, carefree look about it. We used the Water Wave hair by the brand Freetress. Most clients get crochet braids in order to give themselves a break from styling the hair on the daily basis. That being said, this crochet braid style does take a little maintenance. It can be styled for any occasion because the versatility makes pinups possible. K How would you describe this look and what is your favorite thing about it? This is the go-to hairstyle that gives a client ways to style an install. The strands last longest and require absolutely no maintenance whatsoever unless the client prefers. This hair is perfect for clients with active lifestyles. My favorite things about this look are that it is quick to install, it protects the hair without breakage, it is easy to achieve the single plait look, and it is flattering, stylish and can be worn in a number of different styles. To recreate the hair, you will need a crochet latch hook, crochet twist hair piece , comb and oils to apply on the scalp. One important tip when braiding the hair is not to braid the edges too tight to avoid breakage or receding frontline. To help maintain the twist extension, you can run hair mousse extra hold through when needed. This helps to hold the shape and refresh it, eliminating that dry and dull appearance. You also want to make sure to moisturize your scalp daily with natural oils. To lay down edges and help ensure the hair looks neat and clean, I recommend the client use Edge Control. This hair is recommended for all clients looking to protect their hair, especially clients who have a busy lifestyle. Clients with a thinner hairline might not get the best result as their hair might have a receding look when styled in a bun. All face shapes can enjoy this install because of the option to style in so many different ways. This is a natural and playful look with a little sass to it. It is fast and convenient to do. YouTube has good tutorials for individual crochets. Know your braiding products and what works for your hair or clients. On this particular client, no braiding products were used, only oil sheen at the ends. Some clients, depending on hair texture, will need products for braiding. Any client that desires this look can achieve it. All hair types and lifestyles can wear it too! I would describe this look as a simple but edgy crochet braided loc style. The favorite things about this style are the versatility and also the simplicity to it. This style can be structured in three different ways with two invisible parts and one middle part. This will help to avoid build up and dry scalp. Some of the products my clients use consist of mainly organic oils, such as coconut oil and olive oil. Any oil can be used to help keep the scalp moisturized. This will help to keep the style lasting longer. The type of hair that I recommend would be someone with course afro texture. This will help to keep the braids secure and tight underneath. This can be worn with any face shape and lifestyle. This look is the crochet faux locs style. What I love about this style is that it lasts a month or longer depending on the person. I also love the fact that it only takes two hours to install this look. One tip is that you should always use synthetic braiding hair when braiding your natural hair into a pattern so that the style stays nice and tight. No products was used for this style, but if your hair tends to be dry, you may want to apply a light oil such as coconut oil. I believe any client can wear this style, but it is usually seen on Naturalistas! This is a trendy crochet weave that is bound to make a statement in any environment. These curls are absolutely perfect for the spring and summer months. My favorite thing about this style is how affordable it is. This install gives you the look of a full sew-in with a closure, but for a fraction of the cost! What is there not to like about this style? The foundation is the most important aspect of the style. There are a number of braid patterns that can be used depending on how my clients want to style their hair, but regardless of whatever pattern is chosen, the braids should be installed in a way that provides a smooth foundation. In order to achieve the most natural look in the parting area, I use smaller braids and a modified knotless method when installing the hair onto the braids. In regard to maintenance, I always recommend that clients get a satin hair bonnet to sleep in. This prevents the hair from rubbing against itself and causing frizz. I also advise clients to cut the frizz away. Frizz leads to tangling which leads to matting. Lastly, because this is synthetic hair, I do not advise using anything on the hair besides water and alcohol-free mousse. Avoid using a mousse that contains alcohol due to the drying effect it has on the hair. One of the many things I love about this style is that it does not discriminate. All clients of varying face shapes and hair types are able to rock this style and look fabulous while doing so. Kinkier textured hair typically gets longer wear out of this style. These are crochet goddess locs and they are very similar to natural dread locs. To achieve this look, all you need are seven packs of the Freetress goddess locs crochet hair, a crochet needle, a comb, and clips to hold your hair on place. No products are needed for this particular style. The great thing about this style is that anyone can wear it. No matter the age, shape or lifestyle, this hairstyle can fit anyone. This look is fun and funky! My favorite thing about it is that it is so low maintenance that anyone can maintain it. You can also make this style as big as you like. To recreate this look you can use X-Pression Whirly Loop crochet hair. Use a light oil to give it some sheen and you are all set. Make sure to pull each curl bundle apart for best results. I recommend this style for anyone looking to give their hair a rest. It is also perfect for a client that is on-the-go and likes versatile styles. This is a quick protective style option that is low maintenence and lasts about four to eight weeks. These Senegal Twists are tightly wrapped twists that are not easily unraveled unless the client deliberately attempts to do so for a more wavy look. Hair food should only be added directly to the scalp. Remember, your natural hair has extensions on it which adds a little weight and if pulled tight can cause edges to strain. These crochet braid styles are pretty much for anyone whose natural hair can get braided! This look was done in two hours and 15 minutes. Last but not least, these twists go with any face shape and can easily be altered by the choice of styling to suit face structure. I would this describe this look as a versatile style. My favorite thing about it is that you can wear so many different ways. I would definitely recommend that you keep it detangled and use mousse and a little oil spray. This a great protective style for natural and relaxed hair. It will fit any face shape because you have so much versatility with this style. This is a tight curled look using extensions with an ombre effect. My favorite thing about this look is the versatility it brings. This look can be parted to the side, in middle, put up in a bun, and even more if you are creative! Black girl braiding styles

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  1. It is also perfect for a client that is on-the-go and likes versatile styles. Beautycanbraid, watch her tutorial Hair:

  2. Throughout the world, vegetable fibers such as grass , nettle , and hemp have been used to create braids.

  3. Some clients, depending on hair texture, will need products for braiding. BeautyEnthused, watch her tutorial Hair: This is also great for people with shorter hair who want a longer look.

  4. My favorite thing about it is that it is so low maintenance that anyone can maintain it. The foundation is the most important aspect of the style.

  5. Extensions are gradually added in as the braid progresses, which results in a natural looking style that gets thicker as the braid continues farther along.

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