Bad celebrity plastic surgery before and after. Which Celebrities Had Cosmetic Surgery?.

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Top 10 Celebrities with TERRIBLE Plastic Surgery

Bad celebrity plastic surgery before and after

We will be walking you through some plastic surgery before and after photos so that you can decide for yourself. We all want to know, did Megan Fox get plastic surgery? Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Megan Fox History Megan Fox is an American tv, movie actress and model that began her acting career in in a series of television and film roles. Many people will remember her from her iconic role as Mikaela Banes in the action film, Transformers. She returned to that role in the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Out of the Shadows. Megan admits that she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder OCD , self-harming, insecurites, and a low self-esteem. Megan married Brian Austin Green in and has three children with him. We hope that has refreshed your memory about who this fabulous actress is, and now lets move on to the critical subject of Megan Fox cosmetic surgery. In the before picture of Megan Fox , her nose profile was wider and she had a cleft, a vertical dent, at the front tip of her nose. It was a perfectly normal and pretty nose, but apparently not good enough for the Transformer star. Here is a nose job then and now comparison from to The change is subtle, but noticeable especially when seeing them side by side. Charting the changes over time, it appears that Megan got a nose job in late to early Megan Fox nose job then and now, vs While the tip of her nose can be explained by a non-surgical filler such as Radiesse or Restylane, the thinning of her nose would require reshaping of the underlying cartilage. Thus there is no denying the Megan Fox nose job rumor. The evidence is right in the middle of her beautiful face. Fox resorted to lip fillers or lip injections? Again we will take a look at some before and after photos of her mouth and lips, and you can be the judge. Back then, Megan had a thin top lip, much thinner than today. When you look at the after photo from , her mouth is completely proportional. Her upper and lower lip are the same size. Typically, these lip injections are hyaluronic acid fillers — so called because they contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid , a naturally occurring substance in the body. Fat injections, implants, and collagen injections were popular back in the day, but have fallen in use as newer products were developed that are safer and last longer. Megan Fox Cheek Filler While still on the subject of Megan Fox face before and after plastic surgery, we need to consider her cheeks. There are rampant rumors about Megan getting cheek fillers or cheek implants to add contour to her face. For reference, we have a before, Megan Fox picture. Today, Megan Fox looks refined and sexy. However, this was not always the case. There was a dark period. Back in to , the future TMNT star would visit an over zealous, injection happy surgeon and get too much plastic surgery. This was a disaster for Megan, an unfortunate plastic surgery nightmare. Usually cheek fillers are used to offset age related sagging or flattened cheeks to make one look younger. Thankfully, these cheek injections are only temporary. Over time, her cheek fillers have settled, giving Megan a more natural look these days. Many Megan Fox fans are happy to see this phase end. This one is another obvious cosmetic surgery rumor that can be confirmed. Botox is injected into the wrinkle prone areas in the forehead to paralyze and relax the underlying muscle. The result is a smooth forehead without the worry wrinkles. Megan Fox Botox Some have questioned the authenticity of the photos, particularly the one with the curved wrinkle forehead. It does look unusual to us. Have you seen anyone else with that? One tidbit about Botox is that it lasts about three to six months. As it wears off, it can do so unevenly which might explain the curved forehead appearance. Speculation aside, it would be a simple task to wait until the botox subsided before taking these photos. Then, she could visit her plastic surgeon and get her fix. Her forehead appears too smooth in too many photos for us. Did Megan Fox get a boob job? They suspect Megan go breast implants. When Megan Fox starred as Prudence in the television series, Two and a Half Men back in , she already had large breasts at 18 years old. If she did have breast implants, her boobs appearance would have likely retained its perkiness. We tend to chalk this up to a combination of bad posture, bad camera angle, and bad wardrobe teaming up to give the illusion of smaller A cup or B cup breasts. Now, her breasts are the same size, but seemingly closer together. This more likely to have been caused by child bearing rather than breast enhancement surgery. A side note, you can see the difference in her Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her forearm, which she is in the process of removing. There may have been some photoshop enhancements here however. So for the Megan Fox boob job rumor, we are going to go with false. In , the Megan Fox Collection became available in Forever 21 stores. Follow Megan Fox on Instagram for more updates. This condition occurs in about 1 out of people. Luckily for Megan, it has only affected the tip of her thumb and not the joint. If anything it just shows that she is human. The quality of the procedures she is getting has gotten much better, and Megan has developed into an elegant, more mature version of herself. Yes, you can see the changes in her face over time, but her body is a different story. Exercise and proper diet are the key, along with dedication. Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Results We hope you have enjoyed our article on Megan Fox, and have learned something about this fabulous woman. Let us know what you think, if you agree or disagree, or if you have any other opinion you want to express in the comment section below. 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  1. Other than the lip job, Cox also underwent less destructive procedures such as breast augmentation and Botox injections. Bruce Jenner Photo Credit: Married four times in 19 years, Shauna Sand still has the power to draw men to her.

  2. Though she never looked her age, Joan Rivers always looked like some plastic surgery had gone wrong. Cher Cher is well known as a sex symbol to many fans. However, the freakish outcome leads us to believe that she is better off without any surgery at all.

  3. Usually cheek fillers are used to offset age related sagging or flattened cheeks to make one look younger. We hope that has refreshed your memory about who this fabulous actress is, and now lets move on to the critical subject of Megan Fox cosmetic surgery.

  4. In addition to that, Price also went under the knife for a rhinoplasty, lip injections, and constant Botox injections. Priscilla Presley Photo Credit: Johanna was also featured in Finnish tabloids for her peculiar behaviour.

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